The Turkish Bath (Hammam)

by Jan Masny

During my time at university I had a Turkish friend Omer, he was a very nice and gentle guy.

He was in Italy to learn our language and to get his university degree in medicine, living in my town renting a room at a private house. Usually every week-end he would be at my home and my family treated him as another son

I repeat he was very well educated and very gentle. He talked too much about his family, the father and his country

Talking with him was very nice and I liked to learn about his culture, very different from ours, and to learn about his family. During x-mas and Easter vacations he returned in Istanbul to spend some days with family.

Once he asked me if I would go with him to Turkey to know his family and to see how beautiful was his country.

I asked permission to my family, and they immediately agreed. It was spring time and Omer told me that spring was terrificly nice in his country. I was dreaming about such a country and of course (but didn't tell Omer ) about the nice and hunk Turkish men and all the stories about their rich sexuality.

I packed my bags and full of all good feelings we left Italy and joined Istanbul. My vacation was of one week.

The airport was very crowded, weather was fine and the temperature very warm . We waited for Omer's father at the exit of the airport. I saw so many people, faces walking all around me and I asked Omer if all of them had to catch a flight. He just said they had nothing to do and came here just to see if they could earn something with the tourists, or only to spend time. After 10 minutes Omer's father arrived, and we just stepped into the car.

Omer's father, Mr Levent, introduced himself and I did the same. I knew something about him. He was a lawyer, and according to Omer's information he was very clever, but I didn't know anything about his phisical aspect until that moment.

He was 48 y.o., not very tall, but very handsome, a nice pair of black moustache, and two deep green eyes.

Open smile, and very harmonious voice. We shook our hands, and looked into each other eyes.

During the journey to Omer home, Mr Levent talked a lot with me, in italian that he spoke very correctly, and asked me a lot of things.

Levent was very attractive. During the trip sometimes I met his eyes in the rear-view mirror, and it seemed they wanted to penetrate me, but then I thought it was just anaccident and that I should stop dreaming about him.

Omer's relatives were divorced, his mother had asked for divorce 'cause of his father very busy occupation and Omer asked to live with his father. We arrived at home, located in the heart of Istanbul. It was very nice, but the most beautiful thing was the landscape that was possible to enjoy from the balcony. An open view on Bosphorous bridge, Santa Sophia Mosque and the Istanbul roofs. The air was so fresh and delicious, and that home seems very comfortable.

Mr Levent showed me his home, very large for just two persons , very nice furniture. I asked Levent who had chosen the furniture and he said by a very deep voice : Me, I like to set up the furniture and I love to surround me of beautiful things and persons. How beautiful was that Turkish gentleman. He showed me my bedroom, and at the end we just walked toward a separate room. He said: now you are entering into the most famous Turkish room, The Bath "HAMMAM"..

I had never seen a room like that. Three tubs, marble everywhere, green and white, all clean, windows on the three walls of the room one for any tub, towels stowed on the top of shelves and some white flowers, floor made of pine woods. My mind was running very fast and already saw Levent and me into hot tub playing

We had lunch, then went out in a beautiful Turkish spring day.

I enjoyed a lot the visit of the town, the stopping at the bars, the very nice monuments and of course all those beautiful Turkish guys walking thru the streets. I saw so many eyes watching at me, and I was very pleased of that (!!!!)

God knows how many hard cocks were pushing into those Turkish guys flaps!!!

We walked until the sunset and I enjoyed the core of sun slowly going down by the Bosphorous bridge and hidden just behind the Istanbul roofs. I was very happy. On our way home, Omer told me that he had to go to his mother and most probably he should have had to sleep there. Asked me if I wanted to go with him or to stay with his father

Before to reply him, and still today I don't know why, I looked at his father, and then I said: thanks, I'd like to remain with your father to learn something more about the story of your people.

Levent, just closed the eyes for a while, then we proceeded home. Omer left the car just upon his mother house then Levent and I continued the driving to the house. During the journey he was more confident with me and told me many things about the Turkish culture, and etc. It was so nice to hear his voice and to look at him while he was talking and driving. More than once I would have liked to touch that nice man, but I held on ..

We arrived at home, and Levent told me: do whatever you want, while I prepare the dinner, a special dinner for a special friend. Well I took off my cloths, and wore a nice silk pyjama, then just walked thru the house and went into the the room of the Bath. I was attracted by this room. I was dreaming abt all the Turkish men enjoying and relaxing into the bath tubs, I was fantazising abt all the hunky oily bodies moving slowly and harmoniously in tht bath and I had the sensation to feel the taste of those hunky men.

Mr Levent was just aside me, and said: this is the room I like the most, every day I spend a couple of hours in the bath.

We had dinner, a very light and tasteful dinner, drunk a little white wine, and had a very nice and open conversation. At the end of the dinner Levent offered me a drink of OUZO a very strong liquor which I had never drunk before. It was very strong but very tasteful. While drinking and talking, Levent got closer to me and looking into my eyes, asked me if I would have liked to have a bath with him: I would have known something more about Turkish culture. I watched his eyes, so nice and green, his face very attractive and with a nice pair of bushy moustaches and said: Yes I would like. Levent moved away toward the bath room and said: wait a little then when the bath is ready, I will call you. He was walking like a fox, very softly and very masculine. His shoulders were heavy enough , and his buns superb. My imagination was running faster and faster and I already imagined him whole naked and nicely waiting for me. My cock was having a very hard on, and my mind just a little bit drowsed by OUZO, was making the rest. What a porn and exciting cores was looping around my head.

After a while Levent called me. I moved toward the Bath, very excited and my excitation could not be hidden.

The room was full of steam, and nice perfume surrounding all the room.

I couldn't see Levent, but I could only hear his voice leading me toward him. Then I reached him. He was laying in to the central tub, his face was so relaxed and he asked me, c'mon pull off yr cloth and get in the hot and warm water of this tub, You are into a Turkish bath now, isn't it what you are looking for...?

In a few seconds I was completely naked , then went into the tub. The sensation of warm water was great, and the taste of the air was wonderful, then all that steam into the room gave the sensation to be into the fog. I was extremely excited by the situation, the place, the man. Levent told me, take your time, here you have not to rush, you are into a Turkish bath " Hammam ": enjoy it. Then he came closer to me, and started to touch me, massaging my body, and breathing on my neck. His hands were so soft and skilled.

He was giving me a pleasure I never had before. He said you are attracted by me, as I am attracted by you.

His cock was very hard and I watched it: what a nice vision, a very nice man rod. Hard as a marble, with a very large pair of balls, strong enough for climbing. My mind was possessed by that man.

We touched our bodies for a very long time, we kissed a lot, and played with our cock as two swords.

I kissed his hairy chest, his nipples and he did the same. We were moaning and pleased by that situation.

Then Levent said, get out of here and lay down on the wooden floor. I didn't understand why, I just wanted to fuck and to be fucked by that man. Levent looked at me, and as if he had read my mind, said: we have time, just relax and learn to appreciate the waiting before the gift is given.

He returned bringing two little glasses containing some oil, sat aside me and said: stay down. He wetted his hands with perfumed oil, then commenced to massage me. While massaging he talked to me in italian and in Turkish. He massaged my chest, then slowly descended to the belly and legs. His hands on me, and his voice were capturing me, then I asked Levent to let me massage him. My hands were touching that beautiful body, feeling his warmth, the softness of his skin, and the full consistence of his muscle. Then I reached his cock so proudly erected and my mouth captured it, and swallowed deep down in throat such a beautiful piece of pulsating meat. Levent, gently caressing my head, pushing my head to his belly, asking not to stop that precious game. I would have never stop that game. His taste was so good, and his masculine hands were continuing to touch my body. My hands were caressing his large balls while my tongue was working his cock. All of sudden I heard his breathing becoming more and more broken and his hands forcing my head onto his cock, while shooting his cum into my mouth. I never receive cum into my mouth but this situation was exciting me too much and I swallowed all his tasteful load.

He pulled away his cock from my mouth and kissed me deeply. He said there is nothing better than to kiss a man mouth after the delivery of man cum load. I was extremely excited and wanted to fuck him. He said: c'mon honey show me what do you want to do. I turned him back, and commenced to lick his asshole.

It was so juicy, and very nice. Hairy , hot and large enough to receive an hungry cock. After licking and rubbing I pounded my cock into him. Oh what a delightful pleasure. His warm and wet asshole was so delicious driving me mad, mad, mad. I held very tightly to that man, calling his name loudly, kissing him on the neck, caressing his hair, spreading his nipples, and fucking him harder and harder. While I was very close to cum Levent said, stop it now, stop it now. I didn't understand why, but he said: You have to learn more abt Turkish Bath.

He moved toward the bath door and just called a name " Osman ": on the door appeared another man, I had never seen before. Very nice and attractive, same age of him, but with a 9" cock and hairy as a monkey.

Brownish beard, and black eyes., very muscular and masculine. Levent asked the guest to show the italian young friend how two Turkish fucked.

Osman enlarged Levent asshole, lubricated it with oil then pushed his very big boss deep down the ass. Levent was shouting loudly his lust and asked me to fuck his mouth. I was absolutely out of my mind, and the only thing I would do was to fuck, fuck and to be fucked. While Levant was sucking me I kissed Osman mouth.

Then I cummed and Levent swallowed down all my juicy cream. I pulled out my still erected cock while Osman filled Levent mouth by his big cock. Osman said to me: fuck his ass,it's large enough now. Effectively Levent asshole was very large and well opened.

I fucked that asshole as strong as I could excited by that particular core. Osman cock was to large to be swallowed wholly by mouth and I saw his stiff getting in and out and that gave me an extraordinary thrill. I cummed once again into the asshole. Osman cummed him too. Then we fell down empty but fully satisfied. All of us then proceeded to the warm tub. Osman was washing my shoulder, while Levent was washing my chest. After a while our cocks were ready for another battle. Three red/pink pulsating swords. Osman kissed and sucked up my asshole, while I was sucking Levent cock .

I was afraid he wanted to fuck me: his cock was terriblly large, and I didn't know if I could have been able to take it. Then Osman started to open my asshole by his fingers, putting his tongue inside my hole. My brain was exploding due to the excitation and a little bit of fear for that big harness. Gently, Osman pulled his beast in my meaty nest and started to fill it slowly, but pain was terrible. Levent watching me, and reading the desire in my eyes but also the fear, pulled out his nice cock from my mouth, it was extremely hard, and said: do not be afraid , now I will help you to take it all. Just took a little of oily ointment from a jar, then smoothly wetted my ass hole, it was so fresh and gave a reliefing sensation. While he was rubbing into my asshole, the pain seemed to disappear, and the strong wish to be fucked increased. My asshole was large as never before, and felt no pain at all.

Then Osman pushed again his big cock into my glory hole, Levent was handling it and leading into my cave. He was speaking some hot words into my ears, and as a matter of facts the beast of Osman penetrated deep inside of me. When he was totally in, he started to fuck me as an hammer. My mind was blowing out, and Levent was working on my balls, squeezing them, and always speaking to me in Turkish.

All I wanted was to be fucked and to be sucked up. I shouted Levent name and asked him to suck my cock, and immediately he opened his mouth and sucked me. Osman was working my ass as a bull, his hands was working my nipples. After a while I cummed in Levent's mouth, Osman filled up my ass hole as a river in flood, and Levent jacked off spreading all his cum on my body. Then Osman pulled away his 9" cock from my cavern; a little of cum went out. Levent with his cock still hard and wet of cum asked Osman to clean it up and suck. Osman obeyed, then Levent shifted on my back, and licked up my asshole

Oh what a night in such a Turkish private bath...