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Port Authority Bears

A short story by Oso Italiano

(solo testo inglese / english text only)

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I must have left it on the bus, I was telling myself while looking for my new phone. I had just come out from a long meeting and I had not realized I lost it until then. I figured that my best bet was to call my number and hope that some honest soul would pick up. I dialed, and was pleasantly surprised when someone actually answered up.  

``Did you just find this phone?'' I asked. A most masculine voice, with a rich Scottish accent and a soft, deep tone, answered:

``Yes I did, is that yours?''. I love Scottish accents, and the combination of the accent and the tone perked my interest, so I started wondering how the owner of that sexy voice looked like.

I was going to find out later that night. It turned out that my guy, whose name was Brandon, was a security guard at the bus depot. My bus driver found the phone and gave it to him, and being Friday evening I begged my good samaritan not to bring it to Lost and Found but give it back to me directly. Brandon was agreeable to that plan, and explained me where to go and search for him at Port Authority in downtown at six pm.

A security guard with a masculine voice and a Scottish accent: images of burly men in uniform came to my mind, and I spent a pleasant half an hour fantasizing on that theme on the way home. It was Friday evening and I got home early, so I had time to change before going to the appointment with my sexy voice Brandon.

I would be going to a bear party with a new crowd later that evening, so I tried to look good in my best jeans, a tight T-shirt and casual shoes. I was no Jack Radcliff, but I was a well built, friendly bear in his late forties, and other bears seemed to like me well enough, so I was filled with anticipation on what type of guys I would meet that night.

At six pm exactly I was asking of Brandon at the prescribed office in Port Authority. They assured me he would be with me shortly, so I waited patiently. ``You must be Matthew'', a now familiar voice boomed behind me after few minutes. He had entered through a side door, so I did not see him coming, and when I turned I remained momentarily speechless.  

Brandon was a bear of man in his late thirties, somewhat taller than me, with a large chest in the shape of a barrel, firmly planted on two very thick legs. He was wearing jeans that seemed to burst around a round ass, and a plain, tucked-in, T-shirt, mostly white with some childish drawings in pink and blue. His arms were very muscular, but he did not have the type of sharply defined muscle of the gym buff.

Rather, and this seemed to be true for all his body, his body contours seemed to be smooth and round. He had a thin padding around the waist and a hint of a belly that he clearly was not trying to hide. His body was gorgeous, but his face was breath stopping: a perfect oval adorned with a short-trimmed light brown beard.

In the middle of this frame was a very sweet smile that made you feel immediately at ease. His eyes were two pools of green that radiated innocence, and yet there was a playful, perhaps mischievous, element in them.

His hair was cut quite short, and had a honey color somewhat lighter than his beard, the same color of the light and fuzzy hair that was covering his chest, judging from what was erupting from the T-shirt, just around his neck.

A cub, I thought to myself. A gigantic, over-sized, tender and adorable bear cub. I saw images in my mind of him without clothes, spread eagle on my bed, a virgin cub begging me to introduce him to the universe of anal pleasures, eager to swallow me while himself erupting in a fountain of cum. These images were immediately followed by the thought that perhaps he only looked like a cub, but wasn't, and that it would be me who had to satisfy his insatiable sexual appetite, and that it would be me whom he would pound, mercilessly, coming with a powerful roar and filling my inside with his hot and manly cream.

It took me some effort to let these fantasies go, but if he noticed my temporary lapse he did not acknowledge it. After a vigorous hand shake he started to explain apologetically that he left my phone in a different office and asked me to follow him.

Brandon was a friendly fellow, and the talking was easy on the way to the office. When we finally arrived to our destination, buried in some obscure corridor of Port Authority, he took a key out of his pocket and kindly opened the door for me. As soon as I stepped in and felt the door closing behind us I felt that something was off, and it took me few seconds to realize what it was. It was a windowless room, with a desk, a computer, a fridge and few chairs. So far nothing wrong, but what startled me was the presence of a good sized bed in the left corner, adjacent to a door that gave on a bathroom. 

``Would you like a beer?'' Brandon was asking me in the most natural tone, as if it were the proper thing to do after taking a stranger to what looked like a bedroom in the belly of Port Authority. I was in a slightly apprehensive state, so I ignored him and blurted out:

``But ... but this looks like an hotel room ...''. ``Well, yes, it is used by supervisors who occasionally have to stay late, but Jason, my boss, lets me use it to take naps once in a while.''

Weird as it sounded, I rationalized it aloud:

``I see, so you took a nap here this afternoon and ...''. He interrupted me with a rather sheepishly tone 

``Oh well, to tell you the truth I had actually just arrived when you came''. Flashes of alarms went off in my mind. I was in an underground room far away from anyone, with an unknown man the size of a closet who just admitted to misleading me about the reason we were there. He saw my confused look and explained patiently as he approached me: 

``See, it is because of the pictures''. He had the look of a young child who thought he did something incredibly clever and was waiting for approval from his father. 

``I mean ... you know ... the pictures ... those in your phone ...''. As he was saying this, he got really close to me, and picking my phone out of a back pocket of his pants placed it firmly on my chest, smiling innocently with his eyes.

And then it dawned on me. The pictures! Last weekend I had two of my best bear buddies over for one of our recurrent threesomes, and I remembered that someone was taking pictures with a phone. It was not unusual, but I did not realize it had been done with my brand new phone! A wave of embarrassment mixed with anger overcame me. As much as I loved playing around I never shared intimate pictures with anyone other than the parties involved, and I felt this was a terrible invasion of privacy. I grabbed the phone quite rudely, and stepping back a little I sternly told him 

``Those pictures were private and were never intended to be shared, what the hell do you think you were you doing, snooping in my phone?''. He realized my unhappiness, and started an apology: 

``I did not mean to snoop, I was just looking for clues on the owner on the phone ...''.

As he was talking I realized that I had no right to be upset with him, since I had been doubly stupid: for not password-protecting the phone and for leaving it on the bus. As I started a counter apology he continued  ``the thing is, in the pictures I saw three good looking bears, and I was not sure which one was you, but I thought I might fit the body type... I was so curious... I thought it would be kind of fun... but I guess it wasn't a very good plan ...''.

He was looking very humbly at his feet now, hurt and embarrassed, and I could not stand that sight for a second longer. 

``Brandon, I am sorry I was rude to you, you didn't do anything wrong, I was angry at myself and I think ... I think I just was not ready for your bold plan''. As a friendly gesture I placed my hand on his chest, and when he glanced up I wanted to get lost in those puppy eyes, filled with relief and expectation.  ``and it was you whom I liked best ...'', he whispered, and as he was speaking he looked at my hand on his chest, and slowly but deliberately grabbed it with his enormous bear paw. He then took it to his mouth, kissed it lightly and placed it affectionately on his face. 

``Peace hug?'' he whispered softly. I freed my hand and I put my arms around his waist, nestling my head comfortably on his neck. As he responded to my embrace, enveloping me in his arms, he exhaled softly, like if he had been waiting for this moment for a long time. We enjoyed the close contact of our beards for a while, and then I moved one hand to the nape of his neck, as I started to kiss him on the cheek, up to his forehead, down the other cheek, to land very tentatively on his mouth.

Brandon was eager to respond, and soon our mouths were locked and out tongues intertwined, playing and exploring. It was a delightful sensation to feel his arms around me while we kissed. Such power and such gentleness in one, it heightened my passion and the desire to pleasure him to no end. Our pelvis were now in close contact, starting to grind against each other, our erections rapidly growing. As his hold on me was becoming tighter and our breath more rapid he whispered in my ear: 

``Matthew? I really need to get off my clothes, it is just too tight when it grows, ... it bothers me ... you know, between my legs ...''. If everything was in proportion I had no doubt that his pants where way too tight for what was growing between his legs, so I slowly detached from him.

He headed toward to the nearby bed, and in an instant his shirt was off. Then his pants and boxers came off together with one, fluid motion, and he laid himself on the bed. His legs apart, one slightly bent, his arms behind his head, he looked totally comfortable in his glorious nakedness. He was moderately hairy on his legs, that were covered in an adorable fuzz.

His chest hair formed nicely symmetric patterns, and grew darker toward his crotch, where it erupted in a brown, almost reddish bush. The bush was framing an enormous erect phallus, not very long but thick and meaty, a tapered cylinder of flesh, matched by an equally large and soft pair of balls. As I got closer to the bed I could see that he was uncut, and endowed with a generous amount of foreskin that covered most of the head even when erect, leaving just enough space for the rosy flesh of his glans to peek out provocatively.

I wasted no time getting rid of my clothes, thinking that slow undressing would have to wait for another time, and I laid next to him, on my side, so I could take in all Brandon's beauty. He then turned, and started to put his legs and arms around my body, drawing me ever closer, until our chests and pelvis were in full contact. I could feel now his hot manliness pressing against mine, and I hugged him harder, thrusting against him and letting a soft moan. We kissed, and started to explore our bodies with our hands, massaging, squeezing and caressing. My hands reached for his buns, round and solid, and I enjoyed feeling the warmth between them. I then reached for the front, taking gently his balls in my hands, squeezing just the amount necessary to elicit a moan, and finally grabbed his manhood, appreciating its firmness and the softness of its skin.

Pulling down on his skin I uncovered his glans, eliciting a louder moan, and repeated applications of this procedure brought a whole symphony of sensual sounds. My Brandon was going to be a vocal and verbal guy, something that excited me tremendously, and led me to proceed to the next stage.

With some gentle prodding I turned him on his back and started to descend along his body, licking his deliciously turgid nipples, slightly biting them, feasting my tongue on that broad chest, and continued downward, where my prize awaited anxiously.  Brandon knew where I was going, and spread his legs further, invitingly. I went for his sack first, taking as much as I could into my mouth, sucking on his testicles, licking his hairy skin. As Brandon's moans grew louder I moved to the shaft, licking it upward. His foreskin was partially covering his glans, and I inserted my tongue in its opening, reaching his wet and glimmering flesh, teasing it playfully. Brandon was thrusting his pelvis upward, sign that he wanted more. I reached his hands with mine, and in one gentle movement I encircled his head with my lips and pushed downward, fully exposing the pink flesh and taking my first taste of his manhood. Brandon exploded in a strangled scream of pleasure while arching his back for a long moment, squeezing my hands, pulling me closer to him. I obliged, and with little difficulty swallowed him to the base: his flesh filled my mouth completely and I buried my nose into his bush. I savored for a while the masculine flavor of the penis that was pulsating in my mouth, without moving. Brandon knew the pleasure that was to come, and was urging me with small movements and contractions of his body.

I got to work, sliding my mouth up and down on his shaft, steadily and with deliberation. I periodically increased my pace, drawing louder and louder moans until I extracted a suppressed, long scream, alerting me to slow down, lest to end our carnal feast. During all this my erection was repeatedly calling my attention, until I could not stand it anymore and I started to climb back on Brandon's body. But when our pelvis were once more grinding against each other I did not stop, and kept climbing upward, sliding my hungry organ toward his face.

Brandon did not hesitate, and grabbing my buns in his paws he swallowed me with ease. He was not new to this game, and pleasured me beyond limits playing with his tongue on my glans and sucking on my balls. But I could not stand to remain in that position, facing the wall, without looking at my object of desire. I turned myself around to discover that Brandon was masturbating furiously, and did not seem worried about coming too early. Easing both of us on our sides we locked on each other in a tight sixty nine position. I now had easier access to his ass, and each time my hand caressed it I would bring it closer to his crack. Brandon appreciated that and lifted a leg so that his crack would be less tight. I soon discovered that the closer I moved to this hole the harder Brandon sucked on my dick, eliciting delicious grunts of pleasure on both sides.

I played that game several times, until I could not resist not having a close look of his hole. I righted myself, and in instant Brandon had his legs up in the air, leaving his most intimate and secret part of his body completely exposed, offering it for our mutual pleasure. He obviously had prepared for this encounter, since as I put my face closer and closer to the space between his legs I could still smell fresh soap together with his natural manly scent. I placed my hands on his cheeks, already spread wide, and stopped for a moment to look at the beautiful rose in front of me.

A tight hole, surrounded by fuzzy hair, that Brandon was making pulsate, in and out, inviting me, challenging me. I rose to the occasion and started working with my tongue, around and across that puckering flesh, slowly increasing the pressure of my tongue, each time probing a bit more into his hole. Brandon was now continuously screaming his pleasure, his body shaking as in convulsions, his head moving from side to side, his back arching and thrusting against my tongue. I was inexorable in inflicting him this pleasure, and I was waiting for the moment he would beg for more than my tongue.

He already started to add words to his grunts, although too garbled for me to understand them, but when I finally inserted part of my tongue in his hole and made it vibrate rapidly, like a snake, he could not hold it anymore. ``Just take me!'' Brandon screamed loudly. I stopped momentarily and as he was catching his breath he reached toward the bed stand and threw me a condom and some lube. As I was preparing myself for the ride he re-adjusted his pillow, and returned his legs in the air, open wide.

There is nothing that excites me more than seeing a big stocky man in this position, offering himself, ready to become one with me, and usually I like to take my time to savor the moment. But a look at Brandon's face drove me to the edge. He was looking at me and his eyes, usually the mirror of innocence and peace, were showing nothing but lust and an insatiable desire to be penetrated.

I applied some lube, positioned the head of my penis against his hole, and grabbing his legs I thrusted mercilessly forward. Brandon screamed, and I knew it was not for the pain. Usually I am a slow and gentle top, but this time it was different. I unleashed my loins in a frenzy of powerful thrusts, accompanied by the obscene sound of my balls slapping against Brandon's body. He was taken in a wild ecstasy, his head slamming against the pillow, alternating strangled grunts to long screams to series of loud and fast breaths, all the while squeezing my dick with his powerful muscles, as if he were trying to extract every ounce of pleasure out of me. His facial expression was of a lustful bliss: closing his eyes and biting his lips, it bore the unmistakable evidence of the throes of uninhibited sexual pleasure.  He had grabbed his member at the very base and was tugging at it forcefully, in synchrony with my thrusts. On his hand and on his belly I could see the glistening, sticky wetness of his precum, and if the amount of it was an indicator of would come later I was in for a treat.

We pleasured ourself in this way for a long time. While nature had not endowed me particularly well, she gave me the gift of not coming too easily. This was annoying when you just wanted to get off quickly, but it was a blessing in most situations, and by slowing myself once in a while I was able to regale myself and my sexual partners long sessions of pleasure. Brandon seemed to have no problem in delaying his orgasm, and in the end the only thing that made me slow down was physical exertion and the desire to experiment new positions. As my thrusts were becoming more rare and less powerful I let go of his legs, that I had been grabbing desperately since the beginning, and slowly came to rest, my entire body against his. I remained inside him, motionless, waiting for my erection to fade, as he hugged me tightly with his legs and his arms. It was sweet to be so close to him again, and we exchanged a long series of most affectionate, small and playful kisses all over our faces while our bodies and our minds relaxed.

Seeing how much I enjoyed every time he would massage my neck and shoulder with his large hands, Brandon decided to please me further. Turning me lazily on my belly, he straddled me so I could feel his balls hanging over my buns and started a slow and sensual massage of my entire back. Once he had me totally relaxed he laid his body on mine, and started a series of kisses and small bites that was pointing inexorably downward. He finally buried his face in my crack, and I raised it in anticipation.

Brandon was an expert rimmer, and he seemed to have an unending variety of strokes that he could apply with his tongue, sending each time a shiver of anal pleasure up my spine and into my brain. While I was still in a daze of pleasure he turned me on my back again and continued his work as I raised my legs wide open, giving myself to him. This time he was more probing, and I could feel his hands closer and closer to my hole, until one of his fingers was pushing right against it, massaging it in a circular motion. I felt him changing position, but I kept my eyes closed, lost in my pleasure. When I opened my eyes again, sensing that the pleasuring massage came to an end, I let a small gasp of surprise. He was kneeling between my legs, a towering figure, smiling at me mischievously. He pointed downward with his eyes, and I noticed he was wearing a condom, and was applying some lube to it.

It seems a good time to confess that while I have often fantasized about being possessed by generously endowed burly men, in practice I have always been very shy in that department, mostly out of fear. I was no virgin and I did give myself, enjoying it greatly, to a restricted set of bears I knew well, but I was always very hesitant to let a new person penetrate me. Looking at what Brandon had planned for me I felt at the same time scared and excited. His manhood looked like a column sheathed in latex and I frowned at the thought of that very thick piece of human flesh entering me. On the other hand I greatly desired to feel Brandon inside me, to watch him pump his loins and to share in such an intimate way the throes of pleasure that would shake his body. Brandon did not leave me much time to ponder on my predicament, since his lubricated glans was already pushing against my dilated sphincter. I was inexperienced at this, but he certainly wasn't. He probed my hole several times, delicately but insistently, sending it into a small frenzy of contractions that signaled that it was ready and eager to accept him. His expression was serious and intent, and he was biting his lower lip, holding his breath as if about to perform a very difficult task. Ever so slowly he penetrated my anus, and when he had me completely impaled on his manhood he exhaled, softly, letting a smile reappear on his face.

He was looking at me, wondering about my comfort. A painful sensation of fullness and burning was traveling along my nerves: never in my life I had been penetrated by such a large man, and my body was warning me that violence was being made to a most delicate part.  But there was definitely a pleasure component in those signals, and inexperienced as I was I knew I should focus on that and let it fill my mind. Looking at Brandon helped me greatly in this task and I let my eyes wonder freely on his face and body. He looked like Zeus in the act of possessing one of his human objects of desire, and I became overwhelmed by the desire to please him. My breathing became more stable, and Brandon took that as the signal that I was ready for more.

He started with small movements of his entire body, and satisfied I was comfortable he proceeded with slow and small oscillations of his pelvis. I do not know what it is about the pumping motion of a man loins, but looking at it from any perspective never fails to excite me greatly, and I moaned. His excursions became longer and longer and soon he had his entire shaft sliding inside me.

He finally dared to extract it completely and insert it again. When the bulb of his head went through my opening it generated a delicious pang of pain, extracting louder moans from my labored breath.

If our previous anal session was wild and frenetic, this one was all about sweetness. While maintaining a slow but steady rhythm he was caressing my legs and kissing my feet. My erection was back in full form, and he would often let one of my legs go to reach and caress my foreskin, pushing it down on my shaft only to bring it back up again with a gentle squeeze, exciting me each time a bit more.

I did not have the stamina, or practice, that Brandon had for remaining a long time with my ass in the air, so I signaled it was time for me and Brandon to possess me from the rear. He eased out and I turned so I could be on all fours, only to be startled. Up to that point I had been facing the wall, so when I turned I was facing the room: not far from the feet of the bed I was staring at a fully clothed man, in shirt and tie, who was stroking the thick and stubby dick that was protruding from his open zipper. 

``Hi Jason, this is Matthew''. That's all Brandon said. I said nothing, because, honestly, I just do not know what is the appropriate thing to say to a stranger in a suit who has been watching you (God knows for how long) being penetrated, with your ass and legs up the in the air, moaning all the way through.

I turned to Brandon: he looked relaxed on his knees, stretching his back, arching it forward and stroking lazily his chest with one hand, while the other hand rested lightly on that enormous phallus, as if it just landed there by mistake. He had a most serene expression and he regaled me with his smile before looking back at Jason.

I figured Jason was the boss he referred to previously, the one who, for obvious reasons now, let him use the room for what he called ``naps''. The only thing Jason said was ``I did not want to interrupt'', although it was clear to everyone in the room that he could not wait to interrupt, indeed.

Jason was much shorter than Brandon, and had a very compact frame. There was meat on his bones, but it was mostly muscles, with the tiniest amount of fat throw in, just for decoration. He had very fine and masculine facial features that revealed an obvious Jewish component. His salt and pepper hair was curly and short, as well as his beard. Two piercing gray eyes completed the picture, producing the overall result of a very attractive daddy bear. I could see that he and Brandon were perfectly matched, and an irrational flash of jealousy went through my mind, imagining the good times those two had shared. But I put it away quickly, because I should only be thankful that I met not one, but two exciting new play mates that evening.

I was incredibly curious to see how things would turn out, not to mention to put my hands on that gorgeous man, so I figured we should proceed, and slowly positioned myself on all fours, ready to continue. Brandon was waiting for me and entered me with ease, starting to write a new chapter of my anal pleasures history. Jason watched us for a while, his eyes darting from me to Brandon, stroking himself slowly, and then finally moved close to the bed. With very deliberate movements he removed his shirt, revealing a magnificent carpet of hair on his chest and a tattoo in red and black tones that wrapped around a shoulder.

While keeping his eyes fixed on us, never dropping his stare, he removed his pants and stood, naked, with his legs slightly apart. While his circumcised penis was somewhat shorter than usual, it was extremely thick, a cylinder of hard flesh that was almost obscene in the way it pointed outward, provocatively.

He knew I was totally enthralled by his member and that I craved to wrap my lips around it and taste its manliness. Painstakingly slowly he advanced, kneeling on the bed in front of me, at the height of my face, making me wait for it. And then it was mine. I gulped it down, gagging on it but not letting it go. I love stubby and thick dicks, and this one was particularly lovable.

I chewed on it as it filled my mouth satisfyingly, and I played with my tongue on its particularly large and bulbous head. But my favorite part was to slide my mouth up and down on it, burying my face in Jason's crotch, timing my motion with Brandon's pumping motion, each stroke bringing me a bit more of ecstasy.

The only missing element in this blissful activity was Jason's lack of noises. I figured he was a guy who wanted to feel in control all the times, and perhaps he would not be very vocal, but I needed to know that he was enjoying this as much as I did. So I decided to try something else. I swallowed him completely so that my forehead was firmly against his lower belly, and moved my hands up his legs to reach his buttocks, that I grabbed firmly.

It was a somewhat precarious equilibrium and it put a lot of strain on my back, but I was determined and I worked slowly my fingers toward Jason's hole. Brandon's figured my maneuver and eased on me as I felt my fingers exploring warmer and warmer territories. I finally reached my goal and I started working it gently.

When I finally inserted a finger in Jason's hole I declared success: as soon as I entered I heard a low moan, that grew in volume as I pushed further, and by the time I was fully fingering him it turned into a sustained series of screams of pleasure. But the position was terribly uncomfortable, and I had to let go to rest on all fours again. Jason's reaction was immediate: he could not bear to have the pleasure stop, so he turned around and spreading his cheeks wide with his hands offered his puckering hole to the attention of my tongue. He had no restraints in his pleasure now, and moaned and grunted incessantly under my strokes.

When he started shaking his head from side to side Brandon figured it was the right time for a change, and pulled out of me briefly. I heard him fumble with something, and then he presented me a lubricated condom, that could only have one purpose. I shook in anticipation: I was about to be sandwiched between Brandon and Jason, and I could not think of a better position to be.

Jason knew it was time, and made us reposition so he could lie on his belly, his ass slightly raised, ready for insertion. I wasted no time in preliminaries,since he was already generously lubricated, and I penetrated him in one long stroke, remaining motionless inside him, laying my entire body on his.

There was not screaming this time: Jason only exhaled once, softly, as if he were immensely relieved, and his body instantly relaxed. It was Brandon's turn, and the sensation of him entering me was like being reunited with an old friend. I moved tentatively, and it was immediate heaven: pulling out of Jason I would impale myself more firmly on Brandon, with a delicious wave of pain and pleasure traveling from my anus to my brain, to be followed by another wave, starting from my penis this time, that was generated when I pushed deep into Jason again.

The pleasure was only heightened when Brandon started pumping into me, matching my rhythm and caressing me from inside with his expert touch.

I abandoned myself completely to this experience and let lust take hold of my mind. There was nothing else in the universe, only our bodies lasciviously thrashing against each other, accompanied by the obscene sound of scrotum against flesh and by a symphony of screams and moans.

I was one with Jason, my arms around him, my mouth avidly kissing and biting his powerful back, probing him, splitting him. Brandon had wrapped his entire body around me, and was one with me, his phallus just an extension of his body. I could feel the veins, I could feel the contours of the gigantic glans, and I could see in my mind the fiery red of the engorged head that was ravaging me.

I exited this trance only when I felt Brandon slow down and stop, pulling out of me. He was calling the shots in this game, and he decided that Jason and I were not the only ones who should enjoy anal pleasure. I could see in his eyes the craving for penetration that I saw before, and I was more than happy to satisfy him.

He laid on this back, opening himself to me, lubricating himself as if he just could not wait for me to do it. It was a magnificent sight, and I paused for a moment just admiring his body, with the head of my dick just caressing and teasing his rosy flesh, making his holy quiver and squirm and crave even more.

When I finally entered him it was with affection, and it felt like returning to a place I had been longing for a long time. Brandon expression of total satisfaction told me that he felt the same way, and as I laid my entire body on his I kissed him gently on his face. He placed his arms around me, and held me tight, wishing to share with me the magical moment Jason would enter me.

Jason was already pushing at my rear, and I was ready to accept him. When he pushed his manhood into me I could feel it was different from Brandon. It was shorter, and the bulbous shape of the head gave me a different thrill when it entered, stimulating different nerve endings. I shivered, and Brandon only hug me tighter.

After few tentative strokes Jason and I found a common rhythm that worked for all of us. It was sensually slow, easy to maintain, and it spoke of gentleness, accompanied only by the softest moans and exhalations of satisfaction. After a short time, though, an element of forcefulness was introduced somehow, and our strokes became more assertive.

Brandon was dying to masturbate, and I pulled up in a more erect and kneeling position, so I could give him free access to his penis and watch him at the same time.

Things started to happen really fast then. Between the sight of Brandon masturbating and the sound of his increasingly labored breath both Jason and I grew more and more excited, as proved by the grunting sounds coming from both of us. Brandon had become very verbal and was begging for more, harder and deeper. His body was going through a series of intense and prolongated muscular contractions, and I knew he was very close to climax, with me and Jason not far behind. But I wanted to be the one who would deliver the ultimate pleasure, so I grabbed his huge tool in my hand and started masturbating him with very resolute strokes. 

I looked at Brandon in the eyes and he implored me to make him come. It was easy to oblige, as his body was soon thrashing around wildly, readying for what would follow. Brandon came with a roar, his back impossibly arched and impaled against me, with an explosion of thick, white cum that reached high on his chest. After the first spasm many others followed, each depositing more cum on his belly and on my hand. With each spasm came a powerful squeeze on my member, buried deep inside Brandon, until I could not hold anymore the wave of cum that was building in me. Brandon was still in the throes of his orgasm when I let go with a strangled scream and exploded in him.

The convulsive and erratic movements of my loins proved to be too much for Jason, who hang desperately on to me with his arms and came powerfully. Our body were thrashing violently as in a lethal agony, our minds were overwhelmed by a storm of carnal pleasure, and we were able to emit only the most bestial, guttural sounds. Brandon's expression was of bliss, and he was beautiful in the serenity that was starting to take hold of him. His chest fur was matted with creamy cum, and more cum was dripping down my hand, that was still wrapped around his softening manhood. I squeezed the last drops out of him, eliciting a satisfied smile, and smeared the glistening cream on my chest, leaving some for Jason, who was anxious to lick it and savor it.

I pulled out of Brandon and collapsed on him, while Jason pulled out of me and climbed down the lustful mountain of flesh we had formed, lying next to Brandon. After enjoying for a while the feeling of his sticky chest against mine I finally imitated Jason and lied down on the other side of Brandon. We took turns to caress him, to kiss him, and we glowed in the closeness of his warm body. He was generous with his smiles, and kissed us back gently and with affection, stroking our backs until we finally fell asleep, letting his image visit us in our dreams.