Pit stop

by Alex

I got my first job when I was 18 at a local gas station. I really didn't like the job though the view was great. What I mean is that I wasn't like other guys. At age 18 I already knew I was attracted to men. The wierd thing was they weren't regular gay guys, I liked my men big hairy, strong, and especially fat. I always thought that I was really wierd because who in their right mind would get off on a fat guy. Yet every night I fantasized about big bellies and hairy chests. Working at the gas station served my needs well considering we mostly served truckers. Most of the guys who went in there were usually chubbies so I always had masturbation material. Even though I would of given anything to get sexual with any one of those guys it just wasn't possible. I was restricted to looking and wishing. Then it happened, I remember it so clearly. I was sweeping the floor when I heard the sound of a big rigg pull up. I went behind the counter and in walked one of the most gorgeous chubby bears I had ever seen. He was about 6'2 and at least above 270 if anything close to 300 lbs. He had a tired look on his face, his chubby cheeks were covered with a nicley trimmed light brown beard. He looked like a seargent with his neatly short crew cut hair, it was shaved on the sided and spiked up top. He had an old muscle shirt on that exposed his chest hair, the shirt was kind of small for his massive body and it allowed his gut to pour out on all sides. His chest was so large that his nice pink nipples stuck out on both ends. Each was so nice and round, I would of given anything to taste them. He had some old raggedy gym shorts on that were also to short for him. Every time he would take a step his shorts would crawl higher and higher until they would hug his very noticable bulge. His legs were like tree trunks each huge in diameter and completely covered in hair. I couldn't take my eyes off of him. Everytime he would reach to bet something from the shelf his shirt would raise to expose his very large gut. I was in a complete trance and daze of lust and want. He came over with his stuff and placed it on the counter. "Is there any place around here where I could park my rigg for the night" he said in a very polite way."Well sir there's a rest stop about thirty miles down the interstate, thats about it". "I didn't want to go that far, but if thats all there is I guess I'll have to go". He seemed like a nice guy so I offered to let him stay in the lot behind the store. I wasn't supposed to do that but I could care less, this way I had a better chance of seeing him again. He thanked me and introduced himself."My name is Michael but most of my friends call me Big Mike". With that he gave me a strong hand shake. He looked rugged and tough yet he had a teddy bear qaulity to him. "Is there anything else you might need tonight sir". He paused, gave me a wierd look and hesitated. "You wouldnt happen to have a place around here were I could buy a movie or some magazines". "There's a Walmart a couple of miles down the way sir". "No that won't do". He hesitated again and then stuttered. " Mean a place where I could get adult movies or magazines". "Well sir we sell magazines here" and I pointed to the kinky smut behind the counter. "No that won't work is that all you have". "Well sir we have a few other smaller titles". "No thanks". He then slowly leaned over the counter and whispered "Do you have anything with guys". My heart jumped to my throat and my feet froze. I couldn't believe that this mamoth of a man was gay, I didn't know what to say. He sensed this so he grabbed his bag. "Sorry for the rude question I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable". "No its ok, don't worry about it". "There's nothing like that till the next town and thats a half hour away"." No thanks anyway thats to far, its just that I get lonley and thats the onlt comfort I have." I have a few magazines in the truck but I need something new". It just so happened that I was a subscriber to Bulk Male. I had the newest issue in my back pack. "Thanks anyway, it was nice meeting you". He got his bags and turned to leave."Sir" I said qiuckly. "Ya"."Not to get to personal but what kind of magazines do you have"? "I doubt you've heard of them but I've got a couple of issues of Bulk Male and Big Ad". "Oh well sir if your going to stay behind the store I could lend you one of mine". He looked at me interested yet confused."And what maggs do you have son". "I've got the newest issue of Bulk Male in my bag, I guess we could trade for the night". "You read Bulk"? He walked closer with a grin on his face. My entire body was frozen now and I could barely talk. I stuttered "yes". "Great, can you take it out to my truck its right outside, so I can put my bags away"? "Sure" I said. As he walked away his shorts crawled up his thighs shaping his perfect ass. I gazed in awe. My feet were like lead yet I managed to move over to my bag and pull out the magazine. No one had entered the store for hours except for Big Mike so I went outside. I went to the truck wich was parked on the side of the store. I climbed up the step and knocked on the cab door. My heart was racing and my hands were cold as ice. He opened the door, I couldn't believe my eyes. He had stripped down to only a skimpy pair of tiger striped underware. His belly was huge and covered with a light layer of golden hair. I got instant wood just from the sight of his almost naked body."I was just getting ready for bed". "Do you still want the magg" I said."Oh ya here's the ones I promised you". He handed me a couple of magazines. "I was only able to lend you one sir its only right I borrow one". "Don't worry about it son, you were nice enough to help me out so go ahead and take them". "Do you have a Vcr in the store son"? "Yes sir, do you need to borrow it for the night"? "No I have one but I've got a few porns you could watch". "Thanks but I couldn't watch them in the store". "Well what time do you get off cause you could watch them here if you wanted to". "Its nice to have company in this lonley truck". "Well I don't get off for another 4 hours, but I'm allowed personal time for a little while"."Great if you want you can go lock up". "I'd love to sir". It felt like I was in a dream when I left the truck. I climbed back into the truck and went into the cab. He was sitting on the bed with one hand on his crotch and the other holding the magazine. "Go ahead and pick a movie they're on the shelf". I popped in a movie and sat at the edge of the bed. I was very nervouse and I think he could sense it."You can sit up here next to me and relax son, don't worry I waon't bite". I climbed on the bed and sat next to him."Don't you wanna get comfortable son". "Oh ya sorry I forgot, Im just a little nevouse". "Dont be" he said in a gentle way. I undressed I could feel him watching me, it kind of turned me on. I got on the bed again and at next to him. I sat without moving and he noticed this."When you were you younger did you ever jack off with a friend or anything like that"? "No sir, we didn't exactly use the same material". "Well just think of me as a close friend and all we're doing is yanking it in the same room". That kind of eased my nerves. He pressed play and began touching himself, he would let out slight moans. "Go ahead boy, i won't watch to much at least. I relaxed and started rubbing my crotch. I could hear his moans over the grunts of the movie. After a while the sounds from the tv were just grunts and yells. I turned to watch him as he rubbed his hand on his cock. He had a nice cock, round, fat about 6 1/2 inches. It was a perfect pink color and got fat at the base."You know sir, not to put you on the spot but I'm jacking off to chubby bears on the Tv yet I've got a gorgeouse one next to me". "I thought you'd never ask boy". With that he grabbed my hands and put them on his dick. "Rubb". I grabbed his cock and ran my fingers from the base to the tip. I could feel his pubic hairs between my fingers. "I haven't had any sexual contact with anyone in a long time so forgive me if I get over excited son". "The more excitement the better" I said. He laid on his back and spread out his legs, he looked godly with his stomache up in the air and his penis pitching a perfect tent in his underware. I climbed on top of him, he grabbed my head and pulled it forward. "Kiss me boy" he said in a stern voice. I leaned forward and felt his tongue invade my mouth. His beard tickled my chin as he sucked on my tongue. It was the longest most passionat kiss I had ever had. I felt his arms wrap around me in a giant bear hug. With his right hand he slid into my underware and began massaging my ass. I couldn't help but to let out a slight moan. I guess he liked this because he grabbed and rubbed harder. He turned my head and ran his tongue all the way dowm my neck. This one act sent chills through out my body. "Go down boy, and get what daddy's got for you". I started kissing down his entire body. I began at the nipples, each was so soft and lovely. I kissed around each one, then barley nibbling on the tips. This sent a wave of pleasure through out him. "More, please" he said in a begging tone. I then moved my way down kissing his gigantic belly, pushing my face into his gut inhaling his man scent. He ran his fat ,stubby fingers through my hair. I finally reached what I was looking for, his penis was fully erect covered only by a thin layer of underware. I could smell his sweat through the cotton. His aroma drove me wild. "Take it slow and no teeth". "Yes sir". "Dont call me sir just for the night can you call me daddy"? "I'd love to daddy". I uncovered his stiff cock and licked it from head to base and back up. "Oh yes,MORE" he yelled. I pushed my head further down into his crotch and I slid my tongur in between his thighs. His pubic hair covered my face. I could feel him open legs even more. "So you wanna go into daddy's special eh". He rolled over on his belly exposing his ass completly. I was a virgin still so as soon as I saw his ass I almost gized. "Go ahead boy taste daddy". He spread his legs once again allowing me totall acess to his ass. He pushed his butt up in the air spreading his cheeks. I took advantage and plunged in face first. I licked around the base not qiute penetrating. He yelled for more and more. "Please go in, please I want you to"! I slid my tongue in as far as it could go, his taste was imense and so was his scent. I wanted to stay in that position for ever. His ass was so warm and felt tremmbles of his body everytime I would go in. "Fuck I need more" he yelled. I licked around his cheecks tasting every part of his ass. With the ocassional slight nibble hear and there. "Slide in something a little bit bigger" he murmured. I drenched my forefinger with spit and slid it in. "Yes boy more, fuck your fat daddy". I couldn't believe I had this giant of a man at my mercy. I couldn't wait any longer I needed to fuck him. "Can I get started daddy"? "Not yet boy I like to see who's screwing me". He turned over on his back and lifted his legs up in the air."Grab my legs and hold them up" he said. I couldn't help myself I bent over and ran my tongue from the end of his ass crack to his furry sack. He moaned this time with a slight growl to it."For such a young guy you really know how to please us bigger men". I grabbed his ankles, spread his cheecks and slowly I penetrated. With each slow push he yelled a little bit louder. Finally I was completely in, I began in a slow motion in and out. "Oh fuck boy that feels great". His words only encouraged me to thrust harder. I sped up the pace with each push. "Harder boy, harder, Oh fuck your dads fat ass harder". After a few moments I was at a steady pace going and out. I could hear the slapping of my body against his. The sounds from him were total man, he would switch from a yell to a moan then to a deep growl or grunt. I began to feel the climax come up. With every push I got one step closer to blowing my load. While I was fucking him, he was jacking off at the same rythym. I grabbed his ankles tight and pushed forward and let out everything I had. At the exact same time he let out a steady stream of cum up in the air landing all over my chest and his stomache. "Oh damn boy that was one of the best ones I've had yet". I stayed in him till I went limp. "Well boy your a mess, you can't go back to work lookn like that. We're gonna have to clean you up". He sat up and licked the remaining cum off of my chest. He then gave me a long passionate kiss and helped me get dressed. "Thanks for the break" I said. "No thank you son". I walked out of the truck feeling like a man. When my shift ended I walked outside to see him one last but much to my surprise he was gone. I'll never know exactly who he was but I'll always have his magazines and that one encredible night to remember him by.