My doctor

A short story by Daniel Keenan

I am Daniel Keenan, I am 21 and am very hairy, I love fat hairy men, and bald men just make me go crazy.

My doctor Mr. Jamessoner, is a beautiful hairy bald man, who has his wight on. I just love staring at him.

One day, I was scheduled for a physical examination, he checked me out, weight, blood pressure etc. but then we went down to my genetalia. He started to run his fingers on my penis, as it started to erect. He suddlenly smiled, slapped my ass, and said meet me in this room in 15 min. I was so excited, 15 min sharp I was there, he was sitting there, with his shirt off exposing his extremely hairy fat belly, and his tight blue jeans on.

I sat down, he took of my shirt, and started to rub my chest, and then he started playing with my nipples, and then he put his head down and started to flick his tounge around my nipples. He unzipped my pants, and took them off, he carredes my thighs and legs, as my penis pulsed with pleasure, he ripped off my underwear, and started immediatly to carress and masturbate my penis and balls.

I turned to him, he wrapped his hand around my penis and starts to jack me off, I blow my full load all over his hairy chest, we go in for a kiss as his lips swallow mine and his tounge swrils around in my mouth, then i rub my face down his chest, feeling the cum and chest hair suffocating me, then he goes down and starts to suck, lick, and kiss my penis furiously, all over his tounge and mouth plauges on my penis, he stops and then, I ripp of his pants and underwear, exposing his beautiful penis so erect the skin is pulled back showing the beautiful head of the penis, I start to jeck him off, repaying him for what he did to me, and he ejaculates his full load all over my body, then I go down on him, as I taste and suck his penis, it tastes so wonderful, the big manliness inside of my mouth.

Then he turns me around, and he immediately sticks his cum lubricated penis up my butt, furiously he inserts it in an out, as he ejaculates again all over my ass, he licks it off, oh my wish finally came true, then we switched sides, and I saw his beautiful hairy ass, i stick my penis up his beautiful hairy ass, and start to insert it in and, his hairs against my penis feel so god damn good, and then I ejaculate a tiny bit more on his ass, and i excitedly lick it all off, then he says to me "time for the water sports" he give each other a big hug, and we start to urinate all over each other, oh how it feels so good.

After the 3-hour sex session (I know, it was amazing), we get our clothes back on, he shakes my hand, and gives me one more passionate kiss. and we leave. I will never forget that hot sex with my beautiful doctor

Daniel Keenan