The fisherman

A short story by Jan Masny


Ah Sicily, what a beautiful country, full of colours, with so many different tastes, traditions and contradictions. Such a beautiful land, with so many real people and this very special race born under the influence of the many visitors of the past. and full of beautiful males with shapes so different one from the other: in fact you can meet a guy looking like a guy from Sweden or Norway, and an other one looking like a guy from middle east, black and with curled hair, well hunk and with a nervous body.

Sometimes I feel the need to remind me of my origins (even if very far away now). It makes you feel so good and sometimes more human and helps to remember So when this feeling catch me I pack up my bags and travel down to south: to the origins, to pay a visit to some of my relatives still alive, and to see the place where I was born. To relax living at a little house facing the sea, that beautiful sea loved by Ulisse, and which in the past has given so many things to our Mediterranean colture and unfortunately so little now.

I like to be waked up by the warmth of the sun in the morning, by the fresh breeze, by the perfume of Jasmine and by the aromatic taste of fresh hot coffee served into ancient china cups together with hot and tasteful pastries.

At the end of May, that year I paid a visit to some of my relatives. All around the early summer was painting all the landscapes, and the countryside was full of living colours, and sea was of such deep green colour as it could only be in this time of the year . Nature was waking up after the drowse of the winter. I was exactly like the season, willing to live relaxed for the full week, passing my days without any schedul, maybe wasting time, talking with the old people of the village or to re-run the little roads where I spent my early age when I was a restless child., and at the end to enjoy the very beautiful sea which I love most.

One morning I was sunbathing at one little and well hidden beach, sheltered by indiscreet eyes: I was completely naked on a blanket enjoying the sun with the company of nice book. All around only golden sand, and millions of little shells which ,as little stars of the milky way, were gently laying on the beach. I already had a long swim and was laying under the sun to catch a nice and early tanning.

All of sudden such a beautiful quiet moment was interrupted by the noise of an approaching fishing boat . I waked up, put my swim trunk on and carefully looked at the approaching boat. The fishing boat was proceeding slowly toward the shore. It stopped at two or three metres from the shore. It was a very nice fishing boat, and there was only one person on board. I moved toward the boat and saw just one person on board looking at the engine. A very nice view : a masculine pair of buns covered by a blue short trunk, a nice and hunk tanned body, but no face.

I said good morning, and got closer to the boat. The man, stopped his job and turned to me. He cleaned up his hands on the trunk and replied with an ironical good morning. I didn't know if I was in Italy or somewhere in Scandinavia. He looked like a northern guy: blond hair, deep blue eyes, and short trimmed grey-blond beard. Nice and strong body, very masculine, tanned and burnt by seawater and sun, and by the long hours spent under the sun.

He left his job and told me:" I'm not sure it will be a very good day. I was ready to have my daily fishing but this stupid motor failed and I'm not able to repair it." He got a very nice voice, so deep and harmonious but what really turned me on was the colour of his eyes. The boat's deck was full of nets, fishing gears, and you could breathe sea smell everywhere. I asked him what was happening, but he said he really didn't know, the only thing he knew was that engine wouldn't go ahead and that he had to forget about fishing for that day.

Well, stimulated by such a situation ( most probably it would have been fruitful for me!), I told him " Ok, we make a compromise.. I will help you to repair the engine, and you will carry me with you for fishing ". Smiling he accepted, then I took all the resort of patience and trusting in my knowledge of mechanic (studied at school many year before), started the repair of the engine. We where very close trying to understand the engine trouble, and to repair it as soon as possible.

I felt the perfume of that nice guy aside me, and I was excited by his wet and sweaty skin, I was also happy to see him just a little bit nervous.. Well all of sudden I saw a uncollected electrical wire. Silently I just connected the wire and said to him to start now. Engine started happily playing that nice rumour typical of fishing boat. He looked at me very happily and embraced me holding me by his very strong arms for a couple of time, I was leaned on his hairy and muscular chest. I don't know what happened to me, but I had a sudden and very strong hard on, so hard that I had to pull away from that hot and hunk body to avoid to be discovered. I don't know why but I felt a sense a decency. The guy released me and said: " Well, let's go for the fishing, ah sorry my name is Alfio". I replied him : " Thanks, my name is Paul and I'm very happy to spend this fishing day with you."

Well, then I collected all my stuff (very few) from the beach to join him on the boat.While I was reaching my stuff I saw him looking at me, until I returned on board. It looked like as the fishing was going to be fruitful for both of us! Slowly we left and commenced our sailing under a warm sun and kissed by a fresh breeze, and with soundtrack of the crazy but helpful engine!!!! Alfio asked something about me, and strangely I found him very open and attractive. I told him something about my very early age, and my youth in Sicily. While we were approaching to the fishing area, he told me something about his life, and I discovered that he was born by English Mother and Sicilian father, that's why he used to say that he was a Northern guy from waist to the head a Latino guy from waist down...(!!). He started to smile after such a phrase, smiling with an open smile, showing perfect teeth in the middle of such rich lips laying down into that nice attractive face with some noble characters.

His body was so nice, harmoniously tanned and hairy enough and at the end two nice long nipples attached to his masculine tits. Never before had I seen a pair of nipples so long and large (3 to 4 centimetres) but also strong and meaty. Yeah they were like our mother nipples when we, as child, sucked the milk to grow up strong and already learn since how to use tongue and teeth for the blow job pleasure !!!!

With his skilled experience of a seaman I commenced to lay down the nets and ropes, and after half an hour our job was completed; I was really tired and sweated. Alfio told me now you can do whatever you want, you can eat, take sun, have a swim or just sleep. Sea was so blue and inviting, the fresh air suggesting me to move and do something. I was restless (as usual ), and with the idea in my mind to jump on that nice guy in his 50ies; so I decided to go for a nice swim. I swam for hundred metres, watched the boat that was swinging between little and gentle waves, and I was dreaming about that man laying down on the deck, watching at sun, with his nice sweaty chest, closed eyes and hands on his cock.

I returned slowly to the boat, and I saw my friend looking at me. He was sitting on the boat liner, legs into the water and the usual nice and open smile on his face. His silhouette was so nice in that game of light and shadow made by sun. I hung up the boat to come on baord, and Alfio tended his hand to me. His strong hand, and in one shot only I was on board again, alone with him, far away from the rest of the world. I thanked him very much and told him, I really needed that swimming, but now I would have liked to take some sun and have relax. He told me : " Take place where ever U want, you are the owner here today ". I pulled off my swim trunk, first because it was very wet, and secondly to see his reaction. He looked at me very sharply, but said nothing, gave me my blanket, and told me to lay down on deck aside a net. I looked at him hoping to catch an allusive glimpse, but nothing at all. I thought that by this time he should have either said to me to get out of here, or fucked me But nothing happened.

Just a little bit disappointed, I turned my face toward the sun and closed my eyes. I pushed away my toughs about Alfio as lover, and started to fantasize After a while, maybe because of the warmth of the sun and the cuddling of the boat, my sex started to grow up more and more. My balls were full and large, my cock was proudly erected and one hand of mine playing with my nipples. Yes, the nipples: I have always had a weakness for large nipples. All of sudden I felt a warm tongue kissing my sex, and than as cupped it disappeared into a very hot and juicy mouth.. I opened my eyes very slowly hoping that it was not a dream, you know sometimes mirages happen due to heat!! and much to my surprise I saw the partially bald head of Alfio moving up and down on my sex. I was surprised and happy at same time. I was watching that man dedicating himself with love and passion to that job I really like. I stopped him for a while and looked at his deep blue eyes. He was so nice, and now that his face was showing all the sex desire and lust, he was even nicer than before. He looked at me, and excused himself for the trouble he was giving me. I smiled a lot, and he smiled too, then we got into each other arms. I told him :" My dear, that's what I was looking for since I saw you, so please don't stop and go ahead with the game".

We remained embraced then we crawled on the deck, having our cocks trapped by the nets. He had a very nice cock, not very large, but big enough to fill a mouth, a nice pair of bulky balls to hang up, a nice pair of hairy roadrunner legs, a strong pair of buns, but most of all I was attracted by those very nice and large nipples. I started to kiss them, sucking them, and they were growing up as two little cocks, and he told me :" Do you like them?? Isn't it??. They are yours for all the time you want.". I accepted that promise, but he didn't know what I really wanted to do with his nipples. I continued to suck them just to appreciate the taste, and to feel all their consistence into my mouth. Alfio, was playing with my balls, squeezing them, sucking them, and playing with my very hard cock. All of sudden, Alfio took away my mouth from his chest, and kissing my lips, kissed me. It was a very long a passionate deep kiss, a kiss that left us breathless.

Then he asked me to knee in front of him. His cock was erected, but I was not afraid to take it into me and I was ready and willing to receive it. He began to kiss and rim my ass hole, sucking very well and opening my cave with his tongue. My ass hole was wet and ready to receive him. His hands were playing with my ball tearing them toward his chest. His tongue was playing one time with my asshole, and then with my balls. He was very skilled in using the tongue, and I wanted to cum.

But as a thunder one vision caught me and a desire never realised before went up to my mind. I shouted to him: " Put your nipples into my ass, fuck me with your damned little cocks. My asshole was already well lubricated and wet, Alfio with a lots of patience and very willingly commenced to fill my asshole by one nipple. Such a beautiful sensation of softness into me was really pleasing me, and I opened and closed my sphincter around such a little erected cock, while Alfio was enjoying the scene jacking off. We played that way for a while, and lust was growing up and up reaching the brain.

Alfio pulled away from my asshole, and went down to my pubic area to swallow my hungry cock. I was feeling his tongue playing with my beast, his hands servicing my balls, and his fingers playing with my asshole. I was caressing his ears, his head, his beard. Then he asked me to move toward the boat side and to immerse me, hanging by hands to the boat. I didn't understand but made it. And here I am, immersed into sea water and hanged up to the boat, of my body only the shoulder and head were out all the rest was into the sea. Alfio, as a cat, by one jump only, reached the sea. His jump and sink was perfect as one shot only penetration. He disappeared into the sea, and I lost him for a while. Then I felt my cock swallowed by an hungry mouth. It was him, sucking my cock under the sea, making me a nice water blow job.

What a delightful sensation. Alfio went up the surface to breath, he had a very foxy smile. He told me " I want to please You ". Then he fucked me in that position. His nice erected cock entered in me by one shot only, then he stopped. I was invaded by his hot meat, and warm sea water was making the rest. I was surrounded by a lovely warmth. I was warm inside and outside, well protected as a child into mother womb. I felt his well balanced shoots deep down inside my soul, his tongue was kissing and licking my neck, he was masturbating me by one hand , and then I felt both nipples touching my back side. After a very long pumping Alfio shouted loud into my ears : " Ah, I'm cumming into you, I fill your ass, I'm smashing your hot asshole, ah take it, take and enjoy." He went into me, and then slowly pulled away his cock, letting the water to fill my hot cavern. I went down on his cock, and sucked him making my first scuba blow job. He caressed me, and was gently moaning .

I was very excited and wanted to cum, but I wanted to have another beautiful thing. We went on board again , we were both wetted , and little pearls of sea water were covering our bodies. His beauty amber coloured skin, soft, and perfumed, mine less brown than his, but beautiful and wet: two beautiful animals. Alfio looking into my eyes said: " What can I do to please this son who returns to the origins??? Ask me wahtever you want." I kissed him , and let him to lay down on a net on the deck. I kissed his lips, the neck the rich and bulky chest, left the nipples, then continued to kiss him down to the belly, caressing him by my short and heavy beard, played a little with his tired sex, rimmed his balls, swallowing into my mouth, caressed his legs, and sucked up his toes.

Then I caught his feet and commenced to jack off my cock. Alfio was astonished watching the scene, and his sex commenced to grow up Then I left everything and pay a very strict attention to his chest. Took one nipple into my mouth, and started to suck it, letting it grows as much as possible, while by the hand I was massaging the other. My mouth was full of bitter sweet taste of that nice little cock. I sucked one nipple and the other alternatively, giving same pleasure to both of them and enjoying their taste. Alfio very excited by the situation asked me to pull as much as I could stretching them, and I obeyed and it seemed that he was getting a lot of pleasure from that practice. Alfio was moaning and little broken words were coming out from his mouth. I took my very hard cock and rubbed it on to his nipples. A very delighting sensation.

I was very close to conclude my excitation, when Alfio asked me to stretch his nipples by two little tweezers he used for fishing, tweezers were very little and I thought that maybe he would have felt very strong pain. But he wanted so, and then I attached both of them to the nipples already large and erected. As soon as I released both tweezers, Alfio began to shout as never before, and his behaviour changed very much, speaking very foul language ( Very foul but very exciting! ). He was saying words such as : Fuck my ass, fuck me without any mercy, walk on me, treat me as your toy... and do on. I was very excited and wanted to fuck his mouth and cum into his throat while Alfio stood up and said: " C'mon, work my balls, stretch them as much as you can, torture them gimme pleasure, let me die by lust". What a nice and strange situation, I was enjoying it a lot. Immediately I took his balls, squeezing them as strong as I could, tearing and stirring them, then I asked him to lay down on the deck and began to walk on him. I stopped myself on his chest, belly, going down squeezing his balls. I had never seen a pair of balls so strong. Alfio was shouting very loudly, and I was a little bit afraid, thinking about the pain I was giving him. I stopped but he said ." Don't you understand that I like to be treated this way?? I'm enjoying it please go ahead!!!." Very stimulated and less concerned about the situation, I asked him to stand up, then I fastned his balls with a nylon rope to the elmer and commenced to tear them. Alfio was out of his head and asked me to fuck him as wild as I could. I fucked him by one shoot only, after a very skilled rimming, and fucked him wilder and wilder. I threw away the tweezers from his blue coloured nipples, and started to massage them. They were very hard and I was very close to cum. Pulled away my beast from his asshole, my cock was exaggeratly erected and asked him to suck it as deep as possible. His balls were well stretched, and I was reading lust on his face. I was about to cum, pulled away my cock from his hot and hungry mouth, poured it on his hairy and sweated chest, and cummed in between his masculine tits. I cummed as an horse: six to seven rich and juicy shoots were pouring down on his body. Then I spread all the cum on his chest, torso, face and beard; started to kiss and suck his nipples, and his very bittersweet taste drove me mad.

With the hands wet of cum I massaged his balls, they were very soft and relaxed after the long servicing. Very tired we fell down on some nets and fell asleep.

We waked up a couple of hours later. We were burnt by sun, we looked at each other and smiled. We went swimming to washaway the rest of our joy. We hugged very warmly and tenderly. After we returned on board Alfio leaned on my leap. It was so nice to see him on my leap, his half opened eyes,and to feel his desire of caresses and tenderness. I caressed him a lot. Then we stood up to recover the nets. Nets were full of any kind of fishes, and I was very happy to see the fruits of the fishing day.

While Alfio was completing his jobs, I was sitting down watching at him, I liked him very much. Then Alfio moved toward me with hands hidden by the shoulder and said :" Close your eyes, and give me your hands, I have something for you.". Well I did it and I felt something wet on my hands, I opened my eyes and found a little sea star which was laying on my hands.. What follows was a nice, deep and passionate long deep kiss and tender embrace.

Still today, when I touch that little sea star I feel the same strong sensations of that day.

I didn't see him anymore, and anytime I come back down to Sicily I always ask to the older of the village if they have seen him, but nobody knows him, neither have always seen him. Sometimes I think maybe it has been a dream, or a mirage, or the ghost of any Ulisse's seaman sailing the very nice waters of the Mediterranean sea??? I don't know, but the only thing I know, and of which I'm sure is this little star aside me on my desk, as a witness of such a very beautiful and unforgettable fishing day.

Jan Masny






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