A Brief Moment
By Paul Hansen

"We'll be right back with a look at today's weather after a word from our sponser," said the reporter on the morning television news program. I couldn't see a cloud in the sky through the bedroom window, so I figured there wasn't going to be much change from the previous day (as it seldom does during the middle of May in the desert), so I turned off the tube. Whatever information the newscaster had to report, it wasn't going to change my plans for this particular Saturday anyway. I got up out of bed and went into the bathroom to take a shower expecting clear skies and the temperture to be around 90 degrees. I found out later, my prediction was the same as the reporter's.
My workweek was unlike a typical schedule for many college students who lived on campass, because I couldn't afford a place of my own in close proximity. I had to take a full schedule of classes Monday through Friday, then hit the books before a long evening of waiting tables beginning around 4. It was necessary to work as often as I could just to make "ends meet" a few miles away from the University. There were very few moments to relax or spend time "going out" with friends. To be able to have my own privacy, my own apartment without a roomate, I worked almost every evening and especially Saturday. An exhausting routine yes, but if I was going to be able to take care of myself through my final year of college, I knew I had to go on with this schedule for at least just a few more weeks.
Although my life was hectic, there was one benefit I throughly enjoyed at my workplace, "The Inn." It was the permission and use of the large, resort-like, clean, clover-shaped pool in the courtyard. A serene, tropical paradise in the desert surrounded by palm trees and flowers, that hardly anyone recognizable in my workplace took advantage of. It was not a place where roudy, boozing college students who worked with me would find "happening." I guess the place was considered suitable for "old farts," since it was usually quiet, bare and occupied only by guests and tourists. Seldom frequented by any college men or women "hanging out." Perfect for me.
My pool (I like to call it) has a tranquil sound of running water from a fountain falling into the deeper end. The fragrance of the coconut oil from my suntan lotion, always inspired a dream of being on a beach in Hawaii when I closed my eyes. Yes, it was a place where I could relax, study, swim and soak up some sun without any stress. I called it my "home away from home" and often enjoyed the luxury, on appropriate days of course, a few hours before scheduled to work.
I must have been there a dozen times without ever noticing the pool too crowded. It 's a huge courtyard and many of the patio tables around the pool are hidden or tucked in corners, too. Seldom, did you ever hear or see children. Since I worked in the restaurant department, I didn't know the few hotel employees who I saw once in awhile either. It wasn't necessary to acknowledge very many colleagues . It was difficult to establish close friendships here, yes, but I kind of wanted to be private about my lifestyle being gay and all anyway. It was the kind of place outside of the University and surroundings that I thought maybe, just maybe, in my wildest dream I would actually "meet someone" of my desires.
It was getting close to the end of the semester and I had a few exams beginning on the upcoming Monday. I didn't feel I was fully prepared to do well, but I could also not afford to excuse myself from a shift I had beginning at 4, so on my way to work I decided to take several books with me to study by "The Inn's" pool for the majority of the day. I left my apartment at 9:00 am. A time I knew would be relatively quite there and perfect for a study environment.
I knew I was attracted to men with girth of an older generation, but I never thought my ideal man falling under a unique criteria, was actually "out there" for me. I could see men I was attracted too during my daily endeavors at The Inn, but all too often I ended up only fantasizing during one of my private, quiet times. I never really expected my adonous to turn up under my nose so soon. The hard to find man I dreamed about was in all likelyhood married, of a straight form and demeanor. More toward a burly, husky appearance. Had possibly been a linebacker of a college (or NFL) football team years ago. Have kids by now and preparing them for a college or possibly a daughter's wedding coming up soon. He'd still be working 9 to 5, or midnight to 8. Wears a suit or jeans to work as it doesn't matter, but mainly sets his schedule out like he's his own boss. Especially during his travels. He's kind, polite, good natured, humble, humorous, gentle, adventurous, intelligent and soft-spoken. He can love a man compassionately, honestly and genuinely too.
Three years passed since my first experience with a man and of the few times I'd been with a guy, I have yet to find one unattached or compatible. Not because of my appearance (that wasn't the problem), but because of my unique taste in gay men and the belief in the number of those that lacked the demeanor. I didn't go into the bars and seldom did I have spare time for any other activity beside work, so I didn't think the opportunity of meeting a man of my dreams was in my immediate future. Except, one day I met "Ted," and to this day my world has never been the same since.
I'm about 5'10," 175 lbs, short curley blond hair and blue eyes, clean cut, of danish descent with very little body hair, athletic build, but not of strict muscle. I didn't enjoy "the gym," while growing up, but did join in all sporting activites for youths until college. I did acquire a decent looking bodily feature as a result of sporting activities, as well as from moving heavy boxes and furniture often required by my parents while growing up as a child. We've must have moved 10 times to different cities and always used U-Haul. Never got rid of any of the junk either. I guess I didn't really have much fat, but didn't have a big enough build for the college football team either. I was a decent player for many years as a teenager too.
I arrived at "The Inn's" pool about 9:10 am and not long thereafter, I heard the sound of the fountain starting to churn. It was so wonderful by myself and I was filled with great anticipation by knowing I was going to do well on my exams...being so well prepared, up and around early and eager to get so much studying done. I ordered the smaller carafe of coffee, a danish pastry and a fruitcup from the room service attendant on duty (who I didn't know) and parked myself at one of the patio tables with an umbrella near the fountain. I removed my sweat pants and undershirt, revealing my body in only short blue swim trunks. I sat down on one of the lounge chairs and started to read about math formulas that I wasn't particularly fond of.
At about 10:00, I began to hear the clanging sounds of someone's coffee cup and spoon hitting a saucer and the wheels of a housekeeper's tray rolling along. I looked up, stretched my arms and to my wildest imagination, there was in plain view at about 40 feet slightly to my left from me, sitting in a chair at another patio table was a man with a tight "rolling ball" of a belly, obviously with some girth at about 250 pounds, around 50 years old, clean shaven and very handsome indeed, facing me while reading a book wearing only white "Speedo" swim briefs and a blue baseball cap with an orange "D," on the front. I had a feeling he was from Denver and a fan of the "Bronco's," but I didn't have "the balls," just yet, to get up and ask him where he was from.
He was a sight I could not bare to look at longer than a split second, for in fear of being caught with lust of his bulging penis in plain view. I wasn't a roudy college student howling or whistling like I see other male students do often for females, but I knew now why these macho students drooled when they did. Instead of acting foolish, loud or stupid though, I just did what I normally did...once in awhile glance over and dream about a quiet romantic time with someone like him.
There was something telling me this particular guy was different, though. Something that was obviously missing that normally displays the man I like as "straight." I still didn't have the guts to look longer than I normally did (though), because I feared humiliation if I was wrong. I was still quite intrigued and very interested in knowing the truth about this man, but other than for a moment of hope now and then, I still thought I was wrong.
After a few minutes, I sank into the feeling of despair because I began to believe and realize that I was failing in the ability to meet someone I was interested in. I began to think about coming to grips about my sexuality and if I didn't do something about it soon, I was going to be alone for an indefinite period of time. I decided, if I could be subtle about my direction for this particular guy, polite about which way I looked, he might acknowledge me and who knows, even start a conversation. So now, I was thinking positively, without negative consequences and decided his anger wasn't going to be that "big of a deal" if he caught me admiring him.
There weren't any signs of anyone else at the pool except for a maintance man about to check the chlorine level and a room service attendant periodically passing by. I became curious, as to why, of all the tables surrounding the pool, this man picked the one he did. I was reading when he arrived, so I didn't see which path he took from his room (assuming he was staying at the hotel). I hadn't recognized him at the resort before and I knew the managers, so the thought of him working there was ruled out. I thought if he was "straight," with all the tables to choose from, he wouldn't have actually made an effort to walk over to a table near me and position himself like he was. I was perplexed by the thought of which path he took to the pool area, as if it was the most important element for my logic of his sexual preference. I finally came to the conclusion, but was still basically wishing, that he found a chair, not too far away, but not too close either, so he could have the kind of view that might not invade my privacy, but in proximity that could pass along the idea, in case I was perceptive, that he was interested in me and by positioning so, cleverly, non-verbally in front of me, so I could see him. I ended up concluding that most straight men in America with girth today, don't wear brief type swim suits anyway. He had to be gay. We were going to meet (intuitively speaking). My heart started to pound.
About 45 minutes passed and I must have looked at his crotch a hundred times. Our eyes haven't actually met yet for more than a split second, so now I began to have second thoughts. My wildest dream of having sex with this guy was sinking fast. I started doubting my judgement and became fustrated that I was just wasting my valuable studying time with this effort of him. The conclusion about the choice of the chair and of his sexual preference was now beginning to smell like just coinscidence. I had to get back to concentrating on my studies. I thought if there was something bound to happen between this beautiful guy and I, it would have happened awhile ago. We hadn't even caught each other with a wink or smile. I decided to wait just a few more minutes before going on about my business though, because I felt I still needed to be a bit more patient. I thought maybe this might be his first time "meeting a guy" and he was just shy.
I began to fantasize once again about being with him in a bedroom and continued to look at his crotch whenever I could. I wasn't in any position to be able to lay back in the chair, jump in the pool or go ask for more coffee, as it was just best to sit, cross my legs, study and remain put. It was evident I wasn't going to get nearly as much studying done now as I thought I was earlier, but at the moment I didn't care. I didn't think I would be this close in meeting another man like this in a long time. I decided if it was necessary, I could stay up late like other students do and study all night. This drive of mine was like a dog in heat or something. Persistant. I had to meet this husky, stocky, chubby or burly older man (like I cared about specifics), or at least smile at him and see if he would like to meet. Be a man, Greg!
As I became restless, I noticed him put his book down, get up, take his cap off and jump into the pool. He was even more attractive now than before. Full of life. At first glance, I could only see the hair on the outside of his cap. It was trimed and groomed nicely, so there wasn't any surprise to my imagination of his head now. His salt and pepper hair was cut like a Sargent does in the Air Force, but I thought it looked good on him. More greying on the sides than the top. Not too short, just right!
His body was a work of art. His belly was firm, but it appeared to have maybe been filled more than once with a few beers. The curves were perfect for me. He looked similar to a guy I noticed at a "burly site" on the internet (it was just my imagination of course). He had a hairy chest, mixed brown and greying hair. More hair on his chest and belly than anywhere else on his body. I thought maybe he was of German or Austrian descent, but then again he could have had some ancestors from Greece, Italy or even Russia for all I knew or cared. He was perfect for me.
I admired him in the water. He swam effortlessly back and forth in his short, white briefs that I was hoping would fall down just a bit to see part of his rear. He stopped abruptly and stood up in about 5 feet of water and while wiping the water in his eyes, caught my eyes watching him. He acknowledged me, shook his head up and down and then, "hi, how are you today?" he said softly. "The water's great. Have you been in yet?" he added.
"No, I haven't...been trying to study for an exam," I said obviously lying, like I was trying to put emphasis in the book rather than in him.
"Well, we all need to relax a bit and take things slow," he said. "I have found, if you try not to do everything at once, especially studying, you'll do a lot better in the long run and accomplish more."
"I see, well I guess I should take a plunge," I said nervously, hoping my erection has gone down.
As I got up, the bulge in my shorts hadn't quite disappeared, but it wasn't at a stage where I should have been embarrassed either. I noticed him glance down to the area where my crotch was when I got up out of my chair, so I thought there was yet a good chance we were going to get acquainted. I jumped in the water, splashed around just a bit as if it was cold, stopped a few feet near this handsome devil and began to engage in a conversation that I hoped would eventually carry on up in his room.
"My name is Greg," I said.
"Nice to meet you, Ted here," he said while noticeably under the water adjusting his trunks.
"Where are you from Ted?"
"Have you heard of Colorado Springs, near Denver" he said.
"Yes, I actually have. I lived in Colorado for a year or so a long time ago. Near a small college in Greely, I think about an hour away from Denver. A cow (farming) town...boy, did it smell there," I said with a smile.
"Ya, it does get pretty bad there sometimes," he said anxiously wanting to change the subject.
"What brings you to this desert town?" I asked after a slight pause in our chat.
"Oh, work...I'm driving through on my way to LA for a convention Monday." Using the car, but my three girls are going to meet me there in a few days for a trip to Disneyland. They've never been there before."
"Ah, and your wife...is she with you now or coming with the kids?" I asked hoping for some relief to my doubt now about his being gay and attraction toward me.
"No, I'm divorced...I'm just taking the girls there while they're young enough to enjoy it with there ol' Dad."
"Ah, I see...how old are they?" I said showing sincere interest in his children.
"The youngest is 13, Kathy is 15 and Bonnie is about to graduate from High School, she's 17." he said ever so proudly. "How about you, Greg? Got a wife? Girlfriend?" he said very curiously.
"Oh, no." I said with a chuckle. "Hardly...I don't really have any time with my studies and all. I work ful-time, here at this hotel...as a waiter."
"Really?" Ted said. "Are you working today?"
"I'm not scheduled until 4, but I thought I'd sit out by the pool and study for a few hours before I have to work. My boss allows us to use the pool here if we don't bother anyone"
"Sounds like a nice reward if you behave, huh?" he said with a smile.
After awhile of chit-chatting about school, sports, music, food, etc...without ever mentioning women again, an hour had passed. We both stayed in the water the entire time, always covering our shorts as of though we were hiding hard-ons from the general public and each other.
"You hungry, Greg?" he said. "Thought maybe you'd like to have lunch with me."
"Lunch sounds wonderful, sure." I didn't really bring any other clothes though, other than my sweat pants. If you don't mind, I can go home, come back and we can go somewhere then?"
"I've got a better idea," he said heartwarmingly. "Why don't we just finish up here by the pool, then order room service upstairs when you're ready, is that okay with you? My Rockies (referring to the professional baseball team, Colorado Rockies) are about to start on TV anyway."
"Sure," I said with a smile. Now, it was beginning to feel like something was happening.
We had a marvelous time at the pool all morning. Just talked and got to know each other better. It was apparent now we understood there was a mutual sexual attraction toward one another. How we were to handle it was the next step. He liked my company and I certainly enjoyed his. He was a very sweet, warm man and definitely the kind of person I'd like to cuddle and sleep with overnight. I could tell he has been hurt emotionally in the past, has had very few encounters with men, if any, and was in need of some affection by a male. I hoped to offer him the taking, next.
"I'm going up to the room now, want to come?" Ted said abruptly while leaving the pool. "It's getting a little busy here (referring to a couple of kids who were screaming and splashing around without any common sense of realizing their irratation to other people around them). His penis had definitely moved to a larger size than before.
"Sure, will be right there," I said anxiously. "Let me put my books in the car since I'm not going to be needing them right now. What room are you in? I'll be right up." I said obviously needing a few minutes to myself.
"I'm in 201, the corner room," as he pointed to the direction.
When I arrived back at the room, I knocked at the door but Ted didn't answer. A few seconds later, I heard his voice calling my name from the inside, "come on in Greg, the door's open!" As I entered the luxury suite, I didn't see Ted, but I could hear the sound of running water coming from the bathroom. If he was taking a shower, I thought it might be polite to just wait in the front room until he actually asked me to come back into the bedroom.
"Greg," he called out again.
"Yes, Ted...I'm right here," I said anxiously with a higher tone than normal while shutting the door behind me.
As he came out of the bedroom, I could not believe my eyes. He was standing at the entry way wearing only white "Jockey" briefs, similar in style to his swimtrunks and with his right forefinger, motioned me to come back into the bedroom. I got up from the couch and as I worked my way to the bedroom, he gently slapped my behind, displaying a frisky, gentle side of his affection and act of playfulness.
The sound of the television was on very low, barely even worth listening too, but "background" noise nevertheless. Looked like the Major League Baseball game of the week between the Mets and the Rockies at Shea Stadium.
"Do you like baseball?" Ted said.
"It's okay, I don't mind?" I said honestly. I was more involved in what was about to happen. Even if he had jazz music (and I don't like jazz) playing loud on a stereo, it wouldn't have bothered me. At this moment, I wouldn't realize anything was on except his briefs. Now, I was in focus there.
He embraced me and offered a few seconds worth of gentle kisses that began on my lips, then eventually around my chin, nose and neck area too. Passionate kisses that I throughly enjoyed. I felt his warm burly body in my arms, while I kept my hands on his slightly cushioned "handle bars" as we engage in a romantic time while standing. I slowly worked my way to the outside of his underwear and held onto his rear for a few seconds. We knew there was plenty more to explore, but all in good time.
After awhile we worked our way to the bed. I removed all of my clothes, but asked Ted if he would keep his shorts on since my fantasies always included fondling, kissing and hardening the penis from outside the briefs. That position was always my favorite during foreplay in my dreams. He had no problem complying.
Our sex was so wonderful. I wanted to cuddle with Ted all day on the bed and explore, but now it was evident our climax was about to take place. After our lengthy foreplay, I removed his shorts. He went into the bathroom for a split second to get a small tube of lubrication.
Ted wanted to begin making love on top of me with my back on the bed, moving ever so slowly with his penis hardened between my legs. I kept them together for his liking. He put his belly against my penis and began to rub gently around. His skin was soft like a pillow and smooth as silk, even the hairs surrounding his belly button at tip of my penis. I moved slowly out of my position and turned him over, switching places so now I'm on top of him, allowing him to rest on his back. My penis throughly explored the belly.
I worked my way down to his penis and caressed his genital area before engaging his penis into my mouth. Our sexual experience was making both of us throb ever so much now, we knew if we didn't stop for a minute we were going to explode. We decided to rest, catch our breath and get a glass of water. As I was leaving the bedroom, I asked Ted if he would put on his briefs again so I wouldn't "come" so fast.
"Be happy too," he said with a wink. I smiled and walked away like I was on air. I could see in the corner of my eye he was watching me while pulling the cover of the bedspread down.
"I want you to fuck me," he said with a whisper when I returned to the bed.
"But I'll come so fast," I said in hesitation, wanting this experience to last all day.
"I don't care...I've got till tomorrow," he said.
I got into bed. Ted rolled to his side with his back facing me. We embraced in a side by side fetal position before I removed only the rear portion of his briefs. With my right hand, I lubricated his anal area, as well as my penis again and then slowly penetrated inside of him. We embraced for a lengthy period, cuddling and moving ever so cautiously and gently until I could no longer wait for a climax. I removed his briefs entirely, so we could continue on with our postion in full nakedness, in ecstasy for about the next 5 minutes. I felt his liquid in my hand as I came nearly the same time he did. Only the soft moaning sounds of loving making filled the room. Afterwards, I held onto him while we rested for what I thought was a brief moment.
"What time is it?" I asked, apparently waking up to a faint sound of an organ playing and fans singing, "take me out to the ballgame, take me out to the crowd..."
"Must be around 2," Ted said. "It's the seventh inning. You hungry?"
"Sure. Oh yea, lunch," as I chuckled.
He gave me a kiss, went into the bathroom and began to take a shower. I noticed on the table was a note that said "Greg, Thank you for a wonderful time. I never thought in my wildest dreams there was someone out there for me."

A few words from the author of this story

Hi! Some information about me: I am attracted to man that looks similar to "Greg's," ideal, except I'm 40 years old. I live in a suburb of Phoenix, Arizona (USA), 5' 11 @185 lbs, blond hair and blue eyes. I enjoy mystery & suspense films, fine Italian food, American football, art, theatre, reading, music, golf, travel, the beach and sun. A fantasy includes cuddling with a husky or chubby older man (45-59) wearing only his briefs. I'm professional, humble, non-smoker, romantic and don't like the use vulgarity. I would enjoy reading what readers have to say about my story. SEPHXguy@aol.com