Big Monster Nuts Get Blown

A short story by Daniel Blue


Bob was known throughout his small town for having a fucking huge set of nuts. Almost as big as his heart and his personality.

Bob's nuts were so large that they could not be hidden, no matter how modestly he dressed. Over the years he had grown used to people gazing at his crotch. At first he had been surprised at how often men's eyes lingered as they took in his big package. Was it curiosity, envy, or something more?

He was about twenty five and happily married the first time a guy really came on to him. Afterwards Bob felt really bad and went home and told his wife what had happened but she just laughed and said as long as he brought home the bacon and looked after her, and didn't lay a finger on another woman, she didn't care how many men he let suck on his eggs.

Now in his late forties Bob was a handsome man of solid build and gentle personality. Dotted about town were a string of his male lovers, some of whom he had been involved with for over twenty years. He'd kept his promise to his wife, hardly so much as looking at other women, but boy did he get the guys.

Rick was new in town and the first time he caught sight of Bob at the communal swimming pool his eyes just about shot out of his head. Bob's sperm bags more than filled out his speedos; they stretched them to bursting point. His thick cock nestled on top of the plump balls and the whole package looked so incredibly exciting to a cock hunter like Rick. He'd never seen such a huge package before.

Bob smiled at Rick and gave his balls a lazy scratch. Rick's heart pounded in his chest. Was this hot man giving him the come on, he wondered. As Bob sauntered by Rick stared at his beefy butt and daydreamed about fucking this overhung stud. To calm down Rick started swimming laps while Bob dozed on his towel.

Half an hour later Rick got out of the water and went to take a piss. He was just about to finish when in walked Bob. Rick's felt a sexual flush colour his face and chest. Shit, what was he to do? The decent thing would be to tuck his dick away and leave. But at the same time he really wanted a glimpse of those monster nuts.

By taking his time shaking off his cock Rick was able to prolong his time at the urinal. He felt weak with desire when Bob hauled out his fat hog and goose egg sized balls. He snaked back his loose foreskin revealing a shapely cock head. Both men checked each out briefly before looking away. Bob looked back first and gave Rick the freedom to have another look and then another.

Rick's cock was slowly erecting in his hand and he noticed that Bob's was too. He hadn't pissed yet and there seemed little chance that he would be doing so any time soon. Both men slowly milked their meat until they had raging hard ons. And then suddenly Bob let fly a heavy stream of piss. Rick had never seen a guy piss with a hardon before and he was so fucking turned on that he started wanking his cock in earnest.

'Save it for me.' Bob said.

'When?' Rick's voice croaked with desperation and lust. He couldn't wait a minute more.

'Do you have somewhere we could go?' Bob asked.

'My house.' Rick replied, not expecting Bob to be able to go there.

'Tell me where it is and I'll meet you in five minutes.' Bob said.

'But what about your wife?' asked Rick.

Bob laughed. 'As long as I don't fuck women she doesn't care if I get off with guys.'

Rick rushed home and cleaned out his already chlorine clean asshole. He eased some lube up his chute, hoping to play host to Bob's fat salami. And then he started to wonder if he was being foolish. Would Bob really come round.

But he need not have worried. Five minutes later Bob knocked on the door. Rick was already hard as he let him into the living room. Bob stepped out of his speedos and let his meat swing free. It was too much for Rick. He got down on his knees and pressed his face against Bob's balls and inhaled the scent of those oversized nads.

He licked the smooth orbs and enjoyed the contrast between them and the hairy thighs that he stroked as he licked them. His hands moved up onto the beefy butt, kneading the firm flesh before sliding into the crack. Bob's thick cock pointed skyward and leaked a drop of precum. He smeared it around his shiny cockhead and delighted in the feel of his own excitement juices coating his cock head.

Rick wrapped his hand around the thick rod and guided it into his hungry mouth. His tongue swirled over the juicy knob as he savoured the delicious man tang. Of all the many blowjobs Bob had had in his life this one was proving to be one of the best. This guy knew what oral man love was all about. His hands cradled Bob's nuts like they were delicate cargo. And when he stroked the area behind his balls Bob just about lost it.

'Buddy, if you keep doing that I'm going to blow.' Bob warned. It was not what Rick wanted to hear. He stopped sucking and got to his feet. Grabbing hold of Bob's fleshy man root he led him into the bedroom. He pushed Bob down on the bed and mounted his fat hog. Bob sighed as he cock slid into the smaller man's tight ass. This was even better than his mouth. Grabbing hold of Rick's hips Bob began a slow, gentle fuck that both men hoped would never end.

Rick's cock was hard once more and he stroked it in time to Bob's thrusting into his ass. Now and then he reached back to check on those huge nuts which still hung loose. Each stroke up Rick's ass pushed him closer and closer to orgasm until suddenly his cock jerked wildly in his hand and a geyser of thick spunk gushed out his cock and landed on Bob's neck and chest. The feel of that warm jism triggered Bob's own orgasm. He gave one final lunge and emptied his fat balls deep into Bob's guts.

When the two men had come down from their fuck high it was time for Bob to get back to the pool. Bob knew he had found another lover and Rick decided he had found the package of his dreams.


Copyright Daniel Blue