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Bear Hood

A short story di Honeybear

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Once upon a time there was a wonderful male specimen. He was tall and well-built, with strong arms and shoulders and with a broad chest that grew thinner as it approached the waist. A tight ass and a couple of legs as muscular as his arms completed this wonderful sculpture of flesh and bones.

His powerful body was generously covered in a thick mantle of curly and dark hair that, whenever he was busy chopping woods, would cover with sweat and would shine in the sun as brightly as his smile framed by a bristly beard of a few days.

Everybody loved him (or would have liked to…), especially his grandfather that, not knowing what to get him for his birthday, finally decided for a jockstrap and a t.shirt with a red hood. Those clothes, combined with his working boots, made his virility and masculinity stand out in a way that left all the male (and not only..) inhabitants of the village at loss for breath.

Since that attire suited him perfectly and he didn’t want to wear anything else, he started being referred to as 'bear hood'.

One day his father, who looked a lot like him, called him saying:

'Come Bear Hood! You have to take this basket to your grandpa. He really needs the things inside… be a good boy, tell him I say hi. And mind you, don’t take any detour and stay on the main road! You could get lost or, even worse, meet the Bad Wolf..'

'of course, I’ll behave…' Bear Hood promised – and don’t you worry: I know the woods like the back of my hand, I could never get lost. As for the Bad Wolf… well, I don’t think I would get scared if I ever were to meet him. But before I go, let me take a peek at the basket content… in case you’ve forgotten anything…'

He drew out a pat of butter and when he saw the second object he smiled:

'dad, are you really sure Grandpa really needs this?! – he asked while showing him the double dildo he found inside – He’s been living alone for a long time. We shoud keep it. Even better, let’s try it now..'

He didn’t give his father time to object: he had in fact already smeared the toy with butter, he had turned around and he’d started to push one end of it up his ass. When he brought the latex head of the toy close to his puckered hole, this welcomed it eagerly; then he started to push it up slowly.

At first he squirmed, then he started massaging his huge hairy nipples, and finally he started to jerk off.

Every time he took it almost all out, only to push it further in afterwards:

'mmmmm awesome! And you wanted to give this marvel to Grandpa…'

'I never said I would have given it to him for free…' answered his father, getting closer.

The sight of his son playing so hornily with the toy, made him come up with an idea that got his dick harder than iron.

He approached Bear Hood and he started caressing his shoulder, then he ministered the same attention to his back positioning him on his four.

He grabbed the other end of the toy and after getting himself on his hands and knees, made it disappear between his ass cheeks and up his ass.

Seeing the two men compete for the toy which was the source of their delight, was a vision to take your breath away and get you horny as hell: they were perfectly in sync.

With the dildo between them, they both pushed until they grazed the other’s hairy ass in a symphony of moans that only ended when their swollen and hard dicks ejected their liquid on the ground.

Before leaving for the woods, Bear Hood helped his father to clean the floor properly: each of them licked the other’s cum without leaving a single drop of it. Then they got up and shoved their tongues in the other’s mouth, they passionately kissed for the last time and then the boy left.

From the village to Grandpa’s house was a 30 minute walk. When he got into the woods he met the Bad Wolf but he didn’t recognize him. He was a man whose build and looks matched those of the boy in front of whom he stood in all his greatness and splendor.

What made him look like a beast were, apart from the thick hair, his shabby clothes and a sort of grin that he passed off as a smile.

The beast was in fact wearing an almost completely torn shirt which didn’t do well in hiding the soft fur mother nature provided his breast with. He was also wearing a pair of jeans which were so short that they could barely conceal the huge thing that dangled between his legs (he wasn’t used to wearing underpants). An unshaven beard as well as his weird hair similar to the mane of a lion completed the picture. His hair was of shoulder length and it used to curl up at his sides.

Bear Hood, who didn’t have a clue he was actually standing in front of the same beast his father warned him against, wasn’t scared.

'good morning Bear Hood' the Wolf said.

'good morning to you' the boy answered. 'how come you know me?'

'oh everybody knows you, both in the village and here in the woods' an evil grin spread across his face. Where are you going in such a hurry?'

'to my Grandpa…'

'what do you have in your basket?'

When he showed the Wolf its content his grin became even more devilish.

He got closer to Bear Hood and he started to obscenely rub himself on him. He went on with his questions: 'and where does your Grandpa live?'

The boy swallowed. He felt his cock starting to get hard because of the beast’s movements but he still managed to answer:

'in the woods, it’s a 15 minute walk from here. He lives close to the three oaks, under the hazelnut trees.'

'ah sure!' and he got his face dangerously close to the boy’s. His tongue darted out and before Bear Hood could withdraw, it was on his lips. It then proceeded to lick his cheeks and his neck. Meanwhile the Wolf’s strong arms had pushed the boy against a tree.

Without even realizing it, Bear Hood had been made unable to move. And he now had to strenuously fight against the restless tongue of his captor which kept going lower and lower reaching at first his hair and then his dick.

'do you like it?' the Wolf asked.

'yessss' he panted. 'I like it, I like it a lot! But….I have…I have to go: Grandpa’s waiting for me aaahh…. Aaaaah…. He’ll get worried if he doesn’t see me coming…'

'you’re right, in fact what you only have to worry about now is coming…'

'coming?' he asked while the man sticked the head of cock in his throat and struggled to make the whole of it fit in his mouth.

'yes coming (slurp).. you see, I’ll keep (lap lap) running my tongue on your moist shaft (lap lap) and I’ll continue playing with it until you… you…. Oh fuck… that’s it…that’s it…. Come! Cum! Cumm..'

Bear Hood rolled his eyes when he heard the Wolf’s words.

He saw the light filter through the branches and he saw beautiful flowers all around. But he felt the need to close his eyes when he started to spurt something in the Wolf’s throat: it was the same hot and thick liquid he soiled his house floor with, and that was now flowing freely out of his dick.

When he opened his eyes again the Wolf had disappeared. He ran into the woods looking for him but to no avail.

He had in fact already left for Grandpa’s house. When he got there he knocked at the door:

'who’s there?'

'Bear Hood, I’m bringing you the stuff you asked! Let me in'

'you only have to open the latch – shouted Grandpa – I can’t move at the moment'.

The Wolf did as he was told. He got in and without wasting time, went straight to Grandpa’s bed. There he opened the curtains but he stopped mid-action:

'well well! What an horny old man…' and he smiled while he started to take out the vibrator the man was playing with with his hairy hands. He immediately replaced it with his fingers.

The first two fingers were soon followed by a third which he started to rotate in order to spread the man’s anus which was already gaping after years of intensive use. Grandpa smiled and licked his lips.

The Wolf, sensing immediately his victim’s intentions put the vibrator away and jumped on the bed closing the curtains behind him. He then started to undress looking down at the lying man:

'wow..' when he took off his shirt, his iron-like pectoral showed in all their greatness. But what charmed the man the most was the sight of the thick fur that covered his breast and that got sparser in the area around his beautifully sculptured abs.

'and that’s nothing compared to this!' when he dropped his shorts on the bed, Grandpa almost had a stroke. A red glans, perfect crowning of a thick and steel-hard dick, protruded from a bush of thick and moist fur and towered in front of him.

He didn’t dare to ask if he could stick it in his mouth: it would have choked him. He reached out, inviting the Wolf to sit on him in order to make his not-less-imposing dick disappear between the Wolf’s ass cheeks…. In a single thrust.

The wolf started than to ride that long and thick shaft with an unseen fury.

He jumped up and down at a speed that surprised Grandpa; his anus muscles were able to contract and release in the same way his lips would have done giving the best blow job he had ever given.

He squirmed in order to feel that incredible rod hitting his depths and for the pleasure of meeting the man’s hairy balls.

But Grandpa wanted to do something as well. He then started to give powerful thrusts with his pelvis, careful not to waste the incredible effects of the vibrator, until he , grunting, shot his load inside that animal’s ass.

'you wore me out Wolf!'

'Yeah but I am not sated yet!'

In that moment in came Bear Hood, surprised to have found the door ajar. Upon entering the room he thought: ' oh god what a weird feeling! To think that I usually feel at ease at Grandpa’s…'

He then approached the bed and set the curtains aside: his Grandpa was lying with the sheets covering his face. Only a couple of quiff peeked out from the covers. What was even weirder was that there was something that kept the sheets up at the centre of the bed. The boy took them away and exclaimed:

'Oh Grandpa what an awfully big rod you have!'

'the better to mount you with, my little Bear Hood!' and this said, the Bad Wolf jumped on him and flunged him on the bed'

'oh Grandpa, what big hands you have!'

'the better to feel you up with, my little Bear Hood!' and, after taking off his shirt in a flash he shoved his fingers in his mouth so that he could get them moist. Then he started to run them along his victim’s hairy body stopping to play with his nipples.

Then he went down to torture his shaft that was starting to get hard under the jockstrap. He took that off as well leaving that wonderful body completely bare.

'oh Grandpa, what a rough toungue you have!'

'the better to lick you with my little Bear Hood!' once again he started from the top.

At first he kissed and tormented his full lips, then he proceded with his neck and at last he got to his nipples which he sucked like his life depended on it. The boy was groaning but he had no intention of stopping.

His tongue dove in the thick bush covering his pelvis region only to reappear in the area close to his balls. There his tongue was replaced by his whole mouth.

'oh Grandpa, what a huge mouth you have!'

'the better to bite you with, my little Bear Hood!'

And he kept to his words. After looking at one of his balls carefully he then proceeded to take it in his mouth sucking and kissing it. He then ministered the same treatment to the other ball and got to his dick at last.

He run his tongue along the length of it until he got to the head which he started to suck like a lollipop.

'oh Grandpa, Grandpa, don’t stop!'

'I have no intention of doing that my dear Bear Hood!' He resumed licking his cock, salivating all over it while his fingers went to probe and inspect the area that was soon to be attacked by the Wolf’s mouth.

The beast’s attention shifted then to the boy’s ass cheeks, the soft fur and tender flesh of which were nipped at by his pointed teeth soon followed by his tongue that started to trace the cleft between the cheeks.

It than focused on his tight hole.

Bear hood, who was covered in sweat, kept squirming and writhing. He didn’t even realize that in the meantime the Wolf had grabbed his legs and positioned them on his shoulders.

An incredible wave of pleasure hit him. If he had wanted he wouldn’t even have been able to describe the incredible amount of sensations he was feeling, but at the moment he really didn’t care.

Especially since he started to feel something approaching his tight hole.

'oh Grandpa what a ..'

'you’ve already said this one, boy!'

And with that the Wolf powerfully shove his dick into Bear Hood in one single stroke.

An acute pain. A burning sensation. A choked cry broke the stillness of the air and accompanied the penetration.

The Wolf’s hairy balls rubbed against his furry ass. The Wolf’s shaft, after stretching the boy’s rectum, tried to reach even deeper. They both stopped for a second to allow the boy’s ass to accomodate to that painful but at the same time pleasurable presence.

After a few moments the Bad Wolf, after addressing a devilish grin to his victim, resumed pushing.

Bear Hood felt the Wolf’s balls rhythmically hit his cheeks and felt them tickle him with their thick hair.

He was panting. He had never enjoyed something as much as he was enjoying what was being done to him now. The noise they made rose Grandpa’s interest and he came out from under the bed where the Wolf had tried to immobilize him.

'aaahhhh… Grandpa…. But then you…. You…. Aaahhhh… aaahhhh…'

'that’s right! I’m not your Grandpa (pant, pant) 'he grinned 'I’m the Wolf (pant, pant)! The Bad Wolf!'

Bear Hood not in the least scared, resumed moaning and grunting. He begged the beast that was mounting him not to stop while his pelvis went up to meet each one of his thrusts.

The Wolf continued to keep his legs still with a powerful grip and Bear Hood went straight to his cock and started jerking off.

He couldn’t take it anymore, he was about to explode. Grandpa started to help him in the only way he though fit: he sticked his cock in the boy’s throat.

That was the scene that presented itself to the huntsman who, passing by, was compelled to enter the house after hearing all the noise the three were making. He approached the bed and saw the basket lying abandoned on the floor. He rummaged in it and took something out:

'just what I needed!' he thought while one hand went to unbutton and take off his shirt.

A muscular body, covered by thick pointy hair was now on full display. But they weren’t finished: other hands went straight to his lower body half where they took care of his huge dick, imprisoned in microscopic briefs.

All this happened while he bent the dildo he extracted from the basket and finished taking off his now useless trousers.

The scene, now completely different, was of Bear Hood in a doggie position, being fucked in his ass by the Wolf, while Grandpa was happily getting his dick sucked. He was sitting on a pillow on the bed with his arms behind his nape.

Without thinking twice about it, the Hunter shoved the dildo he had meanwhile smeared with butter in the Wolf’s ass. The beast let out a scream which was closer to a howl, then he turned to his tormentor and with a challenging look said: 'you don’t mean to just leave it there I hope…' and winked..

The Hunter readily caught the glove thrown at him and started to push the dildo violently inside the Wolf’s anus.

This caused some sort of chain reaction: the Wolf started to fuck Bear Hood with the same furiousness the Hunter was fucking and masturbating him; in response Bear Hood started to increase his sucking speed on Grandpa’s cock.

All these blows had an almost immediate effect. Who really benefited from it was Bear Hood who almost drowned under the huge quantity of cum that erupted from everybody’s dick.

Before taking some time to rest he carefully cleaned all the other’s dicks just like he previously did at home (and doing what his father taught him to do..) while his own cock was in return licked clean by them.

They did the same with his body which was completely covered with that hot and viscous cream. Finally they all lied down on Grandpa’s bed; but somebody was missing: the Bad Wolf had run away…