Bear City 2 - The Proposal

Il film e' disponibile sul sito BearCity2, dove per soli 5$ (meno di 4 euro) e' possibile fare 2 download del film (uno in HD e l'altro in SD) oltre a due visioni in streaming, anche con sottotitoli in Italiano e cosi' aiuterete il progetto nato e sostenuto nella nostra comunita' bear.
The film is available on
BearCity2, where for only 5$ it is possible to make 2 downloads (1 in HD, the other in SD) in addition to two shows in streaming, with subtitles available in many languages. This way you will help this project, born and substained in our bear community. 

From the director Doug Langway on BearCity2:  $5 FOR... TWO STREAMS AND TWO DOWNLOADS
To those who might wish to "torrent" my film: Please don't. ;) I made the film extremely easy to view and move from computer to computer against the advice of industry folks. They all said that makes it too easy to torrent. I feel a lot of love and support from the community went in to the making of this film, and I want people all over the world to see it without jumping through a million hoops.
This way makes it very cheap to watch, stream or download. There is no studio. It’s just me borrowing a bunch of money from a bunch of folks who still call me a friend. So help me keep making movies for our community. If I pay back my friends, we’ll make another movie. If I don't, they’ll break my legs. :( So please, please, please, pay 5 little bucks, sit back and enjoy the film! ... Oh, and tell your friends if you like it. Thank you!!! BigBearHugs, Doug Langway

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