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Vizzola's nudist beach

The car is the best choice to reach the beach: you must arrive at MALPENSA airport by autostrada (motorway) Milano Laghi (A26). Pass by the airport, and the terminal number 2, continue straigth on and exit at the sign-post for Somma Lombarda/Casenuove. At the roundabout drive almost a full circle till you see the sign-post for ''Casenuove'' where you'll turn right (May 2015, please note that cause major road works the roundabout is partly blocked: follow the yellow sign posts to Vizzola Ticino). After 500 metres there is a petrol station (Shell) on the left and, just after, at the traffic light, turn right (sign-posts for ''Castelnovate', 'Vizzola', 'Ristorante Vecchia Trattoria'). Go ahead: when you see the rectangular white sign-post with ''Castelnovate'' marked in black, you turn immmediatly on the left following for 'vecchia trattoria' e 'campo prove Pirelli'.

As an alternative you can reach Vizzola Ticino also by the motorway A4 (Milano-Torino), exit  Mercallo - Mesero - Malpensa.

Park at the restaurant (the parking lot is for the restaurant only but there is parking space around it) and take the narrow path on the left of the restaurant well hidden by the bushes - attention: do not take the path beyond the restaurant or alternatively,
if you have difficulties finding the path, after parking, follow the paved road till the power plant.  

You'll pass by a power plant (Enel)

and once you've entered the park (you'll see the notice board, see picture below) you'll reach a fork with other wooden arrows of the 'Parco del Ticino': keep right on the main path.

Continue along the path in the woods.

At the next fork turn left and walk straight-on till you reach the river.

It's a twenty-minute easy walk but it's worth it.

The bushes are low and the trees not very close to the river. The place is isolated so bring with you a lot of water (food) and sun cream. The gay presence is large and often 'big'. On your way back there is a mosquitos risk: so Autan or any other insect repellent is recommended. Cruising in the bushes behind the beach.


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